Congressional fundraising numbers streaming in

WASHINGTON – Incumbents and challengers for federal offices are filing their required quarterly fundraising reports.

Here’s a quick summary of what’s in the filings. One caveat: these numbers don’t include contributions to leadership political action committees and joint fundraising committees. Those are separate legal entities that many of the Minnesota delegation members have but those figures are reported separately.

As reported by MPR News, the biggest news out from the reports is that GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann’s presidential campaign ended 2011 deep in the red. Just a few days into 2012, she dropped out and will now have to dig out out of at least $447,000 in debt as she runs for re-election in the 6th District.

Minnesota’s other Republican House members remain strong fundraisers. Rep. Erik Paulsen pulled in more than $316,000 in the last quarter of the year, raising almost $1.4 million for the year. His campaign war chest now holds $1 million.

Paulsen’s DFL challengers, Brian Barnes and Sharon Sund, have not yet filed reports with the Federal Election Commission.

Republican Rep. John Kline raised $260,000 in the last quarter and topped the $1 million mark for the year. He’s sitting on $860,000 and currently has no declared DFL opponents.

First-term Republican Rep. Chip Cravaack grossed $206,000 from October to December and over $750,000 for the year. He has $515,000 cash on hand. Only one of Cravaack’s three declared DFL challengers has filed a report with the FEC. Duluth City Council member Jeff Anderson raised $22,000 and has $13,000 in the bank. UPDATE: Former state Sen. Tarryl Clark reported raising $161,000 in the fourth quarter ($530,000 for the year). Clark’s campaign did not report how much cash it had in hand and its report was not immediately availave from the FEC. Clark’s campaign said she has $273,000 on hand. Rick Nolan reported $60,013 in the 4th Quarter. He has $35,867 in the bank.

On the DFL side, Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s campaign for re-election this November has not yet released her quarterly report but had $4 million in the bank as of Sept. 30. UPDATE: Klobuchar’s campaign reported raising a million dollars* in the last quarter and just under $6 million across her election cycle. She has $4.6 million in the bank.

Dan Severson, one of her three declared GOP rivals, raised $45,000 in the fourth quarter and has $34,000 in cash.

Minneapolis DFL Rep. Keith Ellison pulled in $243,000 in the last three months of the year and has $142,000 in his campaign war chest. Ellison raised about $820,000 for the whole year.

First District Rep. Tim Walz raised $210,000, making 2011 a million dollar fundraising year for the former teacher. His campaign has $617,000 in the bank. Two of Walz’s three Republican challenger Allen Quist raised $6,200 for the entire year. A third opponent, Mike Parry, has not yet released his fundraising totals. Republican Mike Parry’s FEC report says he raised $32,585 in the 4th Quarter and has $29k in the bank.

DFL Rep. Betty McCollum’s haul for the fourth quarter was $128,000. For the year, McCollum pulled in more than $430,000 and has $175,000 on hand. Her only declared Republican challenger, Daniel Flood, raised less than $4,000 for the year and has $29,182 in the bank.

Longtime DFL Rep. Collin Peterson has not yet filed his reports with the FEC but raised $114,000 and sits on $450,000 in cash. Republican challenger Lee Byberg raised $54,000 ($155,000 for the entire year) and has $128,000 on hand but also reports $76,000 in debts.

*NOTE An earlier version of this post incorrectly stated Klobuchar’s fundraising. The correct number is just over a million dollars, not $919,000 as first stated.

  • THANKS for reporting this information.

    As you noted, this does not include Leadership PAC that many members have … ICE PAC, BETTY PAC, MANY INDIVIDUAL CONSERVATIVES HELPING ELECT LEADERS EVERYWHERE (MICHELEPAC), Freedom and Security PAC, Renewing the American Dream PAC, and Valley PAC.

    So if you add those dollars, doesn’t that also tell you who is focused on highlighting their own campaign as opposed to the party ?

    Bachmann PAC adds $1,008,035 to her fundraising tally … Kline picks up $326,600, Peterson adds $117,565, Paulsen picks up $ 55,975 while McCollum gets $36,400 and Walz only adds $17,000

    That’s a lot of dollars.

    Second thought would be : Considering the money raised by Karl Rove’s SuperPACs as well as Norm Coleman’s AAN and Congressional Leadership Fund, does it matter that Tim Walz’s challengers have not raised big-time money … Walz has been getting hammered already.

    Of course, the same can be said about the target on Raymand Cravaack’s back.