Stillwater bridge still high on Bachmann’s agenda

With her presidential campaign behind her, Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann is preparing to return full-time to her job representing Minnesota’s 6th District in Congress.

Bachmann press secretary Becky Rogness said the following of Bachmann:

“She will continue to fight to keep our nation safe, free and sovereign by tackling the most pressing issues including our debt crisis, prevention of a nuclear Iran, and Obamacare’s crippling effects. She is also dedicated to seeing the proposed St. Croix River Crossing Project through to completion. She is optimistic about what the rest of the 112th Congress will bring.”

Congress reconvenes Tuesday, Jan. 17. Bachmann ended her presidential campaign last Wednesday, one day after her sixth-place finish in the Iowa caucuses.

Bachmann still has not said whether she will seek re-election to a forth term.

According to the website,, Bachmann has missed more than 12 percent of her votes since January of 2007 when she was sworn into congress. The website’s statistics show Bachmann missed more than 90 percent of votes during the forth quarter of 2011.

Democrats accuse Bachmann of neglecting her Minnesota constituents in favor of her presidential ambitions, and they will likely to continue leveling that criticism if Bachmann runs for another term.

  • Its about time she went back to work. She received another US subsidy (Obama did too) while running for the Republican Presidential Nomination in the form of her paycheck. One thing needs action. that is the bill prohibiting members of Congress from Trading stock based on non public information that is acquired in the various committees they sit on. Placed a call to here office and was told she has no position on this issue. Call her office 2022252331 and voice any concerns you have with this or any other issue for that matter she works for us in the mn 6th.

    I’ve read that she won’t run due to redistricting and such a poor showing in iowa. From first in the straw pole then to 5% in 6th place in the caucus. As one news outlet had her going from conservative”leader’ to Republican gadfly.

    I for one won’t miss her.