Sutton says party debt a result of 2010 election

Former Minnesota Republican Party Chair Tony Sutton, who abruptly resigned his position earlier this month, issued a statement on his Facebook page defending the party’s finances during his time in charge.

Sutton’s statement came a few hours after members of the party’s executive committee said the Minnesota GOP is nearly $2 million in debt.

Here’s Sutton’s statement:

“The Party’s debt situation is a reflection of a hard fought election combined with a difficult small dollar fundraising environment. The legislative majorities won in 2010 were worth it and the people of this state are better off for those GOP majorities. I am confident that the Party will overcome its debt and have a successful 2012 election cycle.”

Note: Sutton did not return a call today to discuss the party’s finances.

Update: Sutton sent me an e-mail that included his statement. He also said he won’t provide additional comment.

  • John P II

    Sounds like the GOP needs to create some jobs, starting with an accountant or two. What an incredibly irresponsible way to handle DONATED funds; makes you wonder what a real audit would find.

  • getaclue

    what an ahole

  • Sue

    The Republican party should just declare bankruptcy and then go away.