Cravaack TSA bill likely to get a Senate vote next week

WASHINGTON – Freshman Congressman Chip Cravaack appears poised to score a legislative coup – getting his first bill to the President’s desk within a year of taking the oath of office.

Cravaack’s bill, which passed the House with overwhelming support on Nov. 29, would require the Transportation Security Administration to set up a separate, speedier airport screening procedure for members of the armed forces traveling in uniform. He said Thursday that the Senate is likely to consider the measure early next week, after which it would become law after President Obama signs it.

“I’ve been told it’s going to be a stand alone [bill in the Senate],” Cravaack said, “But who knows what actually will occur?”

Cravaack said he got the idea after going through an airport security checkpoint and seeing a soldier returning from duty overseas taking off his boots to go through the metal detector.

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