The Daily Digest (Trouble for Cain, delegation skeptical of Super Committee and DFLers line up to replace Pogemiller)

Herman Cain, who was celebrating a strong showing in a Des Moines Register poll of GOP candidates in Iowa, is now defending himself against allegations that two women accused him of inappropriate behavior in the 1990s.

Cain’s campaign called the story “Inside the Beltway attacks.”

Cain is also leading Texas Gov. Rick Perry in a poll of likely Republican voters in Texas.

CNN reports that Mitt Romney remains the top target of his GOP rivals and the White House.

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Under the Dome

Corrections Commissioner Tom Roy has agreed to appear at a hearing over the parole of two convicted cop killers. GOP legislative leaders made the request in a letter to Gov. Dayton.

The Pi Press says clean water may be the murkiest Legacy fund goal.

The Star Tribune says an Adult Care agency within DHS gets a new chief.

Fishing license sales are down $1.6 million.

GOP Rep. Steve Gottwalt says more improvements are needed in the health care system regardless of the health care overhaul.

DFL Sen. Larry Pogemiller said he’s going to miss the Minnesota Senate. Gov. Dayton appointed Pogemiller to be director of the Minnesota Office of Higher Education.

Minneapolis gets $750k to repair the northern part of the city damaged by tornados.

The Star Tribune says the biggest battle at this year’s election will be over school referenda.


Gov. Dayton will greet trick or treaters at the Governor’s residence.


The Pi Press takes a look at job growth by city.

The PoliGraph says GOP Sen. Geoff Michel’s jobs claim is incorrect.

Union groups are joining Occupy MN.

Vikings Stadium

Gov. Dayton said on TPT’s Almanac that electronic pull-tabs are an option to finance the Vikings stadium.

Dayton said there was no “breakthrough moment” on his stadium talks with legislative leadership.

The leading backer of the Arden Hills site expects the federal government to finalize the sales of the land to Ramsey County by today.

Politics in Minnesota has a story on why it’s unlikely the Vikings will leave Minnesota.

The Pi Press says look at Cleveland if you don’t think the Vikings will move.

The Star Tribune says Los Angeles is working hard to bring an NFL franchise to that city.


President Obama will issue an executive order today that says the FDA should help reduce drug shortages.

MPR reports that Minnesota’s Congressional delegation is skeptical of the Super Committee designed to come up with budget cuts.

A prominent global warming skeptic now says global warming is real.

Hiring an attorney will fetch a better deal in negotiations in the way of the Central Corridor line.

Teen pop idol Justin Bieber said DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar should be “locked up” for sponsoring a bill that would make it a felony to profit from streaming unlicensed online content.

The Star Tribune says Klobuchar dives into the partisan fight over the Jobs bill.

Klobuchar is also continuing a tour that features products that are “Made in America.”

DFL Sen. Al Franken visited Waseca.

U.S. northern border checks have been scaled back.

GOP Reps. John Kline, Michele Bachmann and Chip Cravaack sign on to a petition to the U.S. Supreme Court asking the court to declare the Affordable Care Act as unconstitutional.

Democrats lose their enthusiasm for the health law.

DFL Rep. Betty McCollum is leading the charge to block an Obama Administration cut to imaging reimbursement.

Crop insurance supplants subsidies in the Farm Bill proposal. DFL Rep. Collin Peterson is mentioned.

Groups are lobbying the Deficit Super Committee to include the Dairy Market Stabilization program.

Reuters talks to Tim Pawlenty about Tunisia’s elections.

Race for Legislature

Gov. Dayton called a special election for Senate District 59, which is being vacated by DFL Sen. Larry Pogemiller.

Two Democrats, Peter Wagenius and Jacob Frey, are lining up to replace Pogemiller.

Race for Congress

DFL state Rep. Tom Anzelc is backing Rick Nolan’s bid for Congress.

Race for President

Bloomberg has an interesting story that says the Republican plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act aren’t as simple as the candidates are suggesting.

Herman Cain says he’s going to scale back the number of public appearances.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann said on ABC’s This Week that the campaign can be revived.

Bachmann says she would not do anything for the children of illegal immigrants.

Bachmann blames Rick Perry for the bashing by a Tea Party group.

AP says Bachmann is exaggerating a directive from federal officials to evaluate procedures for religious and cultural sensitivity.

Bachmann is planning an early November campaign stop in South Carolina.

Bachmann is courting a South Carolina consultant.

GOP Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch and GOP House Majority Leader Matt Dean are backing Bachmann’s campaign.

CNN says Ron Paul has no plans for a third party bid, yet.


There will be lots of ghosts and goblins walking the streets tonight for Halloween. Drive safely.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    The PoliGraph says GOP Sen. Geoff Michel’s jobs claim is incorrect.

    Michel’s comments about the Pawlenty Years are close enough that we shouldn’t let imprecise language interfere with the obvious conclusion that Tim Pawlenty’s two terms of squabbling and neglect weren’t the best thing that ever happened to Minnesota.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    The Star Tribune says Klobuchar dives into the partisan fight over the Jobs bill.

    Klobuchar has great political instincts. The 2012 election will be all about Democratic efforts to create jobs for the 99% vs Republicans attempts to preserve the privileges of the 1%.