Severson raised $35k in 3rd Quarter but a portion came from personal loan

Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Dan Severson’s campaign finance report shows that the former state Representative raised $35,686 in the 3rd Quarter. The report lists that he has $27,820 in the bank. Severson also lists $6,300 in debt and shows that he loaned his campaign $6,300 since the start of his campaign. He loaned himself $3,000 in the latest fundraising quarter.

Severson, who lost his bid for Minnesota Secretary of State against Democrat Mark Ritchie in 2010, is vying for the GOP endorsement against Joe Arwood. Arwood, a St. Bonifacius city council member, reported raising $10,000 in the 3rd Quarter.

The eventual GOP nominee will face DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar. She reported raising more than $1 million in the 3rd Quarter and has more than $4 million in the bank.

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