Poll: Bachmann would do most to hurt economy

On the eve of a presidential debate about the economy, a new poll shows 14 percent of those who lean Republican think Rep. Michele Bachmann would do the most to hurt the economy.

Coming in second is Ron Paul; 11 percent of voters who lean Republican said he would do the most to hurt the economy, according to the Washington Post-Bloomberg News Poll.

It’s important to note that 43 percent of those who participated in the survey had no opinion on this question.

When asked who would do the most to improve the economy, 22 percent of Republican leaning participants favor former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and 20 percent favor Herman Cain. Bachmann was given the top spot by 3 percent of those surveyed.

About 45 percent of all those surveyed think the economy would be the same if a Republican were president today.

The poll results come on the day before a Washington Post-Bloomberg debate on the economy. You can read more about the survey here.

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