Clark raised $228k in 3rd Quarter

Democrat Tarryl Clark’s campaign announced today that her campaign for Congress raised $228,000 in the third quarter. The campaign issued a statement saying Clark also has $235,000 in the bank.

Clark is seeking the DFL endorsement in Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District and hopes to challenge GOP Rep. Chip Cravaack in 2012. She announced earlier this year that she was moving from her home in St. Cloud to Duluth so she can challenge Cravaack.

Cravaack and Democrats Rick Nolan and Jeff Anderson have not filed their reports yet. Democrat Daniel Fanning didn’t get into the race until last week so he doesn’t have to file a campaign finance report until January.

Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District includes northeastern Minnesota but there’s no guarantee the district will keep the same shape. The 2010 Census requires Gov. Dayton and the GOP-controlled Legislature to redraw the political boundaries. A court appointed panel will take over the map if Dayton and Republicans fail to reach agreement by Feb. 21.

  • Lenny the Leftist

    So she spent the $140,000 she raised last quarter to raise $235,000 this quarter? Sounds Ponzi to me. And did any of the money thus far come from the Eighth, or is it all St. Cloud or out of state money?

  • pcsrocky

    So she did move to Duluth just to be able to run in the 8th. What happens if the redistricting goes through as has been proposed? Will she run against Colin Peterson for the 8th or is colin going to retire? Will Chip run for the “new” 7th or will Lee Byberg? All of this is so much speculation until the redistricting is final.

    But I would still ask ONE VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION of Ms. Clark: Did you get rid of your house in the 6th District? And depending on her answer, a 2nd question comes immediately to mind: In which district do you really live?

    She sounds like Senator Franken, move back to the state just in time to be able to qualify for the election residence requirement.

  • byebye jeff

    Well, she may not be from the 8th but the donors dont care. No way jeff can compete if he didn’t raise at least half that. To win any race you gotta have the money. Until any real campaign finance reform, that’s all that matters. Tarryl Clark – your next congressperson from CD8.