The Daily Digest (No Child Left Behind standards discussed, Bachmann’s missed votes and Al Qaeda leader killed)

The state’s list of schools that didn’t meet adequately yearly progress under the No Child Left Behind standards will be released later this morning. Check back to MPR News for a report.

The Pi Press reports that MN Education Commissioner Brenda Cassellius wrote a letter to parents this week saying parents shouldn’t worry if their children’s schools show up on the state’s watch list.

MPR reports that planned changes to the No Child Left Behind law are challenging to Minnesota educators.

Gov. Dayton wraps up his trade mission to South Korea today. He returns to Minnesota this weekend.

A state worker has been arrested in the drowning of a person in a group home.

MPR reports that gas bills could change this winter after “tiered pricing ends.”

MN Commerce Chair Mike Rothman toured a solar plant on the Iron Range.


The economy is gaining but not enough to cut the nation’s jobless rate.


The U.S. born Anwar al-Awlaki, a leader in Al Qaeda, was killed.

The House approved a short-term funding plan.

MPR says GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann is increasingly absent from Congress as she campaigns for president.

GOP Rep. John Kline criticized President Obama for his waiver plan for No Child Left Behind. Kline appeared on MPR’s Midday on Thursday. You can listen to that show here.

Kline also said he’s nearing completion of the Education bill.

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis was in Minnesota to promote President Obama’s jobs plan.

DFL Rep. Tim Walz toured a Foundry in Winona.

Banks are looking to hike fees on customers.

Race for Congress

With a fundraising deadline looming, candidates are scrambling for cash.

Race for President

The New York Times says Mitt Romney waits as the GOP flirts with alternatives.

CNN says Romney will report raising between $11 and $13 million in the last quarter.

The L.A. Times says some of President Obama’s Wall St. funders have turned against him.

Rick Perry apologized for using “heartless” during the debate.

Perry also stood by his criticism of Fed Chair Ben Bernanke.

Bachmann campaigned in North Carolina.

Bachmann also condemned the Arab Spring.

A mother who’s daughter suffers from e coli poisoning wrote an open letter to Bachmann saying her plan to reduce regulations for food safety is a bad idea.

The Des Moines Register says Bachmann boasts of rising polls but the numbers tell a different story.

Will he or won’t he? The Newark Star-Ledger says Chris Christie is seriously considering a run for the White House.

The Wall St. Journal looks at the questions Christie will face if he runs.

Jon Huntsman bets it all on New Hampshire.


Good luck to those running the Twin Cities marathon.

Finally Finally

Go Phillies!

  • Ralph Crammedin

    Bachmann also condemned the Arab Spring.

    Well, yeah. If it means democracy and liberty for the Arabs and it demonstrates the value of President Obama’s policy of not spending a trillion dollars on an invasion, it must be bad for… um…

    …how does that go again?

  • Ralph Crammedin
  • Regarding the Yearly Progress report for the No Child Left Behind, has there been any reaction from Governor Pawlenty since those results reflect his tenure ?

    Mr. Kline does not like it that our “Imperial President” has devised a waiver program because Congress has spent over four years trying to correct the current program, yet the Republican Governor of Tennessee and all members of the state’s delegation in Congress have written a letter requesting the waiver. That delegation includes Republicans and Democrats … and two of those Republicans are also members of Mr. Kline’s Education and Workforce Committee. QUERY : Will the Minnesota delegation write a letter supporting whatever Governor Dayton recommends ?

    Regarding Ms. Bachmann’s missed votes, is it time to establish a “leave” program whereby a Member of Congress could be replaced while on “leave” ? Yes, Ms. Bachmann has missed a number of votes … but so has Gabriele Giffords (I know the reason is different) … yet there are situations that cause a Member to miss votes (I trust that the staff is still responding to constituents requests), but if an intern was authorized to be sworn to assume the responsibilities, then voters would still have some representation. This could have worked during the Coleman-Franken recount.

    Should the question be asked, why is Bachmann’s attendance being publicized ? Is it because of complaints from her constituents or to make political hay ?

    For that matter, consider how many days that the House has “worked” … they passed another “Continuing Appropriations” bill via a voice vote (besides Andy Harris and John Culberson, was anyone else there?)

    Rather than advertising Bachmann’s missed votes now, I would have preferred to see a record of how many Committee meetings she participated in during her previous years … it might be shocking for voters to realize how little work these people do. Heck, John Kline as Chairman of the Education and Workforce Committee has only held 15 full Committee hearings at the Capitol … no wonder that the reauthorization of No Child Left Behind is not getting done.