Rybak’s DNC job official

It’s official: Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak’s been made one of five vice chairs for the Democratic National Committee.

The job will involve campaigning for President Barack Obama.

After the vote at a DNC meeting in Chicago, committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz released the following statement:

“I’m so thrilled Mayor Rybak is taking on this new leadership role on our team. In 2007, Mayor Rybak was the first mayor of a major US city to endorse President Obama and he has been an ardent and vocal supporter ever since. His energy and enthusiasm for Democratic priorities are unparalleled and he will be a wonderful spokesman as we work to re-elect President Obama and Democrats up and down the ticket.

Rybak said he’s “looking forward to being on the front lines of rallying Americans once again to President Obama’s strong leadership and Democrats’ vision for the future. I can’t wait to put in front of the American people the clear choice between the President’s record of fighting for the middle class and the Republicans’ desire to bring back policies that would take our country backward.”

  • Bruce Leier

    One more reason not to trust Obama.