DFL cashing in on anti-Bachmann T-shirts

A popular item for sale this year at the Minnesota State Fair DFL pavilion is a bright blue T-shirt ripping Minnesota Republican Rep. and presidential candidate Michele Bachmann. DFL Spokeswoman Kristin Sosanie told MPR News so far more than 200 of the shirts have sold for $20 a piece, so many the DFL had to order more.

DFL t.jpg

Barbara Kruschel of Cambridge bought one of the shirts.

“I have a hard time taking her seriously. There are so many things that she says that later they say, well, no, this isn’t correct. So I think she distorts the truth and she just aint my candidate. So if you can’t put up with her, I guess you’ve go to laugh at her,” said Kruschel.

Bachmann’s presidential campaign didn’t respond to an MPR News inquiry about the shirts.

About two blocks away from the DFL booth Minnesota Republicans have their own state fair novelty. For just $1 you get a button that says ‘Change, I’d Like Mine Back.’ It’s also blue.

Change button.jpg

  • Sally Paulsen

    …And right off Dan Patch and Underwood, the Independence Party has buttons that say “Put Minnesota First” and “They Kicked the Can-We’ll Kick Them Out”.

    Keepin’ it fair…at the Fair.

  • Billy

    Oh, is it ok to call public officials lunatics now? Ok, cool. Mark Dayton is a lunatic.

  • Scott

    The DFL has nothing positive to run on because all their programs are failures.

  • Beth

    This is not the way I want my party to behave towards those we disagree (strongly) with.

  • Nancee

    Bachmann has verbalized more disrespect for “public officials” than most citizens! Further, the recent DFL Programs have not failed; they have been blocked by a Republican Congress. How can DFL “programs” fail–such as requiring the wealthy pay a fair tax rate– if they are never implemented?

    However, “Scott”, I appreciate your comment and look forward to you turning down any unemployment, medicare, or social security benefits–all those “failed” programs– you might one day need. With sacrifices such as yours, the working middle class and the poor might receive their social security–that “Entitlement Program” most have PAID FOR all their working years. I am proud to have contributed to a program that will not only protect me from abject poverty in old age, but has always helped my widowed mother and millions of elderly survive in this state– in this country. One great way to cut costs is to have folks such as Scott and Bachmann turn down these “DFL entitlements.” Yet the Bachmann’s Treatment Center that “cures” the evil gay folks (talk about lunacy) stick out their hands to accept medicaid & medicare payments! I wish I had space to list all those successful Republican Programs that have helped the public….Hmm. There was the “All (poor) Children Left Behind” Act…


  • Beverly Erbert

    Class vs. crass…so glad to be a respectful conservative and not a whiny liberal.

  • Mat

    Beverly, a “respectful conservative” is something of an oxymoron. Remember Joe “You Lie!” Wilson? Rush Limbaugh? Glenn Beck?

    Even Michele Bachmann herself is far from respectful toward other elected officials – her comments (all false) regarding the “$220m/day” India visit of Obama, the ludicrous claim of 29% inflation in one year, and many, many more absurd, asinine and disrespectful statements from Mrs. Bachmann make your claim of “respectful conservative” people somewhat precious, to say the least.

  • Darrel

    Nothing whatsoever that has come from Bachmann’s mouth has even the smallest shred of truth in it. She has no plan, no knowledge of history (or anything else of any use), and apparently no conscience. Where did you find this lunatic?