Cravaack details personal finances

After two-month delay, Rep. Chip Cravaack filed his annual financial disclosure forms with the House of Representatives on Aug. 18.

Cravaack’s earned income for fiscal year 2010 topped out at $92,273; the cash comes in the form of disability payments for sleep apnea, which ended his flying career with Northwest Airlines, now Delta Airlines, in 2007.

According to the documents, Cravaack has between $843,219 and $1,696,000 in assets and unearned income, including stocks and retirement savings. (Assest value is reported in ranges rather than exact numbers.)

Cravaack also reported income from his wife’s job with Novo Nordisk, a healthcare company, but he is not required to disclose the amount, nor is he required to list information about his primary residence or car loans.

Cravaack did not report any liabilities.

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