Arwood enters U.S. Senate race

A second Republican candidate is joining the race to unseat Democratic U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

Joe Arwood, a first-term member of the St. Bonifacius city council, will officially announce his candidacy at an event later today in that city. Arwood said his political philosophy is rooted in the constitution and the country’s founding principles. He said that he decided to enter the U.S. Senate race because he’s grown concerned about the size and the reach of the federal government.

“I felt like it was time for really a — and I hate to use the term a main street individual — but thought it was time for more common people, more main street individuals to get into the political process,” Arwood said.

Arwood said he will seek GOP backing and will abide by the party endorsement. He joins former state Rep. Dan Severson of Sauk Rapids, who announced his candidacy back in May.

Here’s the news release from Arwood’s campaign:

Today a new type of candidate steps out into the field for Minnesota in a bid for the Republican nomination for US Senate. He is not your ordinary ‘Common Joe’, nor a typical politician; instead this Joe is ready to take on Washington to get them to listen to the ‘Common Joe’


Right off of the bat, Joe Arwood, will be making a significant announcement that will change the nature of politics and how we hold our Representatives accountable. That announcement will take place today, Monday Aug. 22nd 2011, promptly at 6pm, in the City of St. Bonifacius, at Missile Park, on the corners of County Road 92 and Wildwood Ave, under the pavilion.

Joe Arwood,38, is a resident of the City of St. Bonifacius, 25 miles outside of downtown Minneapolis, who also is in his first term on the City Council. As a past volunteer for the town’s fire department Joe is used to running towards the fire rather than running away from it. Joe is part of the successful AutoTrader sales team…ok so he’s not a very ‘common Joe’.

When asked why run now, he responds, ‚…our Country is in trouble, and we need people with common sense solutions to be leaders. We the people need to take our Country back from the political class that has established obscene pay and perks for themselves, while at the same time kicking the economic and Social Security can down the road. We need to get the economy going again, people are hurting out there, and Government seems to be standing in the way, or at least on a collective break. Here we are in the middle of a huge unemployment crisis, while the President is on vacation, and Congress is on break. Why are we not in session discussing the possibilities of a simpler tax code that would close the loop holes, lower taxes for companies that want to invest here at home, rather than abroad? Why are we not looking at our regulations that are preventing us from being energy independent? Why are we not allowing struggling families to tap into their 401K, by removing the 10% penalty, to save their homes and the housing market as a whole?? This ‘uncommon Joe’ is ready to run towards the financial fire, put it out, roll up his sleeves to help get us going again.

This week we will be filing the necessary paperwork with both the State and Fed’s to officially launch the campaign.


Klobuchar’s deputy campaign manager, Justin Buoen, issued this statement:

Senator Klobuchar is continuing her work on behalf of the people of Minnesota. She is focused on the issues of private-sector job creation and economic growth and pushing for a responsible, bipartisan deficit-reduction plan. She has made helping people in our state her top priority since she got to the Senate, from swiftly securing funding to rebuild the I-35W bridge, to opening markets overseas for our farmers and businesses, to cutting through red tape to ensure our veterans receive their full benefits. Fighting for the people of Minnesota will continue to be her top priority – election year or no election year.”

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