Ventura to Dayton: ‘I don’t envy your situation’

Gov. Dayton said during his news conference today that he spend his weekend throwing the frisbee to his puppy, Mingo. He said he also attended George Pillsbury’s birthday party that featured several folks who know his current job fairly well.

Dayton said former GOP Gov. Al Quie, former GOP Gov. Arne Carlson and former IP Gov. Jesse Ventura also attended the event.

Reporters asked if the former governors had any advice for Dayton.

“Governor Ventura just said he doesn’t envy the situation that I’m in,” Dayton said. “I said I don’t envy it either.”

  • Sally Paulsen

    It’s a testament to a great man when three former governors and the current governor are attendees at your birthday party. Happy Birthday, Mr. Pillsbury! I’m very glad to see so many prominent leaders recognize your outstanding service to this state. The GOP could use a little lesson in offering such due respect.

  • danno

    Over the weekend, it appears that Republicans did to state parks what they want to do to Minnesota. It is so lucky that Tom Emmers was defeated.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka told the National Press Club on May 20: “You can be a friend and make a mistake once in a while. And we forgive you for that mistake. The difference is this: that we’re not going to spend precious resources helping candidates that don’t stand up and help us.” – from the linked Fox article

    In other words, when Democratic politics don’t go your way, step aside and hand over power to the Republicans, who want you eradicated. With idiots like Trumka in charge, it’s no wonder American labor unions are in decline.