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Around Minnesota

Legislators didn’t fix underlying problems in the state’s budget, and that means Democrats and Republicans could be at odds for years to come.

Dayton’s raised $80K since the start of the year.

State Senator Dave Thompson (R-Lakeville), says he won’t run against incumbent Sen. Amy Klobuchar in 2012.

I missed this a few days ago (sorry), but Gov. Mark Dayton’s explanation of why he decided to end the government shutdown is worth a read.

A new poll shows that many Minnesotans blame Republicans for the shutdown. Here’s the full story from MinnPost.


After a day of arm-twisting, House Speaker John Boehner could not rustle up enough votes to pass his debt ceiling plan. Even if there was enough support to adopt the bill, it likely would have failed in the Senate, and lawmakers wouldn’t have been much closer to meeting the Aug. 2 deadline.

Rep. Chip Cravaack was among Republicans who was on the fence about the bill. Rep. Michele Bachmann also said she’d vote against the plan.

A coalition of unions and left-leaning interest groups, including Americans United for Change and the Service Employees International Union, is running this ad in the 8th district criticizing Cravaack for holding out on the debt ceiling vote.

Your debt ceiling questions, answered.

Dayton’s still waiting for Congress to pass a bill to fund the new St. Croix River bridge.

Farm subsidies are on the chopping block. Rep. Collin Peterson is mentioned.

Race for the White House

Bachmann gave a speech at the National Press Club.

Bachmann will be speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Florida this September.

An opinion writer says Bachmann has a cooler, calmer persona than she did before.

An Iowa radio host asks Gov. Tim Pawlenty if his campaign asked former Bachmann interns to dish on their old boss.

Stay Tuned….

For a special edition of PoliGraph this afternoon. I’ll be looking at several claims Bachmann made yesterday in her NPC speech.

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