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Around Minnesota

Chris Eaton, a longtime DFL and union activist, says she’s running for the seat formerly held by Sen. Linda Scheid, who died in June of ovarian cancer.

The PoliGraph says Rep. Paul Thissen’s claim about millionaire tax filers is correct.

Both the GOP and DFL state parties are recruiting candidates despite the prospect of redistricting.

Bradlee Dean, the minister who recited a controversial prayer on the Minnesota House of Representatives floor back in May, is suing MSNBC host Rachel Maddow and a local writer.

Three public school leaders were on Midday talking about how the payment delay used to close the budget gap will affect schools.

Tucked into the new budget bill is a $1.5 million study of the state’s water quality standards, which are meant to protect wild rice.


Congressional hearings in Washington had a Minnesota focus.

House Speaker John Boehner spent Wednesday whipping up support among rank-and-file Republicans for his plan to raise the debt ceiling. The latest estimate from the Congressional Budget Office has his plan saving about $917 billion – much better than Tuesday’s estimate of $850 billion.

Sen. Al Franken writes about the budget deficit in the Worthington Daily Globe.

The Race for President

Rep. Michele Bachmann will address a crowd at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., today. Midday will be airing the event live at noon central time.

A new Gallup poll shows that her support among Republican voters is growing.

The Washington Post contrasts Bachmann’s personality with Pawlenty’s – a contrast that’s been playing out for years first in Minnesota, and now on the campaign trail. This graf pretty much sums up differences between the two politicians: “Pawlenty said he was conservative, yet Bachmann seemed to say it more loudly. He talked about his faith, and she talked about it more. He said he was a true believer, but Bachmann was somehow more believable.”

Chris Cillizza over at the Post says all the bro-ha-ha about Bachmann’s migraines and make-up is good for her image.

Here’s an alternative take on Bachmann’s headaches.

  • Chris Cole

    Saving $917 trillion? Bro-ha-ha? Graf? Erodes credibility– not the marks of someone checking their work.