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Gov. Dayton says he’ll open the Capitol to the public this morning at 9am. The announcement came as criticism mounted that lawmakers were doing their work behind closed doors.

Dayton and GOP legislative leaders negotiated a bulk of the budget behind closed doors. Nearly all of the bills were finalized before this morning. You can find the bills here.

Tidbit: It appears there is a handshake agreement on all of the budget bills. We’re now waiting for them to be processed and approved by Dayton and GOP leaders.

Four bills (three budget bills) were posted on Monday.

Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life is increasing pressure on Senate Republicans. The criticism comes even though MCCL’s executive director is married to the Senate President (and Higher Education Finance Chair) Michelle Fischbach.

Tidbit: MCCL’s lobbying effort may not worry many Republicans but it will have an influence on those seeking higher office. The MCCL’s endorsement or banishment can kill a candidate looking up. See Linda Runbeck and Joanne Benson.

Here’s a look at the Public Safety/Judiciary bill and the Transportation Finance bill.

Tidbit: Republicans in the House and Senate caucused the budget last night.

Charter school advocates want an exemption from the K12 payment delay.

Shutdown Impact

The delay in reaching finalized budget worries state workers.

The shutdown is causing problems for people with mental health problems.

Judge rejects retailers’ plea to waive alcohol buying.


A redistricting panel will hold public hearings.


Talks on the debt deal intensify.

Meanwhile, Republicans in the House are prepared to vote on a measure that cuts, caps and balances the federal budget. The Senate doesn’t support it and President Obama says he’ll veto it.

The GOP has no backup plan after the vote.

Tidbit: This vote could give political cover for Republicans to vote to raise the debt ceiling.

Race for Congress

MPR talks to constituents in Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District about GOP Rep. Chip Cravaack’s decision to move his family to New Hampshire.

Race for President

The New York Times takes aim at Marcus Bachmann.

Tidbit: Is Marcus or Michele running?

The Daily Caller questions whether Bachmann can handle the pressure of being POTUS because of headaches.

Bachmann adds health care to a spending pledge.

AP says the candidates are being pressured by pledges.

Bachmann criticizes a settlement with black farmers.

The Washington Post says Pawlenty’s secret weapon is his wife, Mary.

Slate says no one polled in a South Carolina poll picked Pawlenty of Huntsman.

Public Policy Polling also says it will no longer poll Pawlenty in head to heads with President Obama.

  • Jamie

    // “Tidbit: Is Marcus or Michele running?” //

    Since Michele Bachmann talks about being involved in her husband’s counseling business, and touts her home-schooling history as one of her attributes, it’s very appropriate to investigate him as part of campaign coverage. But he should be investigated anyway, apart from the campaign.

    Regent, where Bachmann got one of his questionable degrees, “is a clown college dedicated to pouring out Bible-thumping bumpkins and buffoons,” in the words of one of the posters after The Times article. But I think they don’t just pump out buffoons and bumpkins; I think it might also be one of the places where future Republican politicians and operatives get their Machiavellian training. Some of the Bush administration came out of that “university.”