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Gov. Dayton is hitting the road this week to make the case for his budget plan. His first visit will be in St. Cloud this morning to discuss special education funding with teachers, education professionals and others at Apollo High School in St. Cloud. Dayton’s media blitz is aimed to encouraging Republicans to compromise on the budget and end the state government shutdown.

Watch video of the newsers here.

Dayton also released a video statement on YouTube.

Tidbit: Dayton will be in southern Minnesota on Wednesday and in Moorhead on Friday.

WCCO quotes a state workers saying Dayton should quit the road trip and get back to work.

AP takes a look at the lawmakers who are declining to take their pay.

Running Aces makes the case for Racino in a radio ad.

The Minnesota Supreme Court scheduled a July 27th hearing on whether shutdown spending is constitutional.

Shutdown Impact

Unions start stitching a safety net together for laid off workers.

Prisoner visits and religious services have been eliminated in the shutdown.

U.S Bank offers a month reprieve for affected clients.

Ramsey County Judge Kathleen Gearin says a jobs program for the disabled is not essential.

She also ruled rest stops must stay closed.

Gearin is also skeptical of PolyMet’s proposal.

Mosquito cops are called back to work.

The Star Tribune gets some opinions from Hutchinson.


President Obama wants a big deal for the debt limit. Talks resume today.

The Los Angeles Times says the rivalry between House Speaker John Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor are affecting the debt talks.

DFL Rep. Keith Ellison and other House Democrats warn against cuts to Social Security.

President Obama will award the Medal of Honor today to an Army Ranger for his heroics in Afghanistan.

Race for President

ABC News takes a look at the clinic owned by GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann and Marcus Bachmann. ABC posts video of Marcus Bachmann telling patients that prayer could rid him of his homosexual urges and he could eventually be “re-oriented.”

Tim Pawlenty tries to force Mitt Romney to comment on the debt ceiling.

A chief proponent of the gold standard maxes out a contribution to Pawlenty.

USA Today quotes Mark McKinnon as saying Pawlenty is the political equivalent of kissing your sister.

The Washington Post’s conservative blogger questions why Pawlenty is raising Bachmann’s congressional record.

  • Al

    Could the MPR political reporters start asking for specifics about what the Republicans want cut from the budget? Dayton’s has offered cuts, but he also wants more revenue. We have heard his preferred new revenue source and he has given some sources he would consider. We have yet to hear specifics from the other side.

    From Tom Sheck’s report today:

    Disappointed with Dayton’s latest offer, GOP Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch said, “The governor continues to believe that the discussion needs to be about where the revenue comes from and how much. There’s no compromise in the area that we’re concerned about — reining in spending and reforming the way we are spending.”

    Please get the specifics from Senator Koch about the spending cuts she has in mind so we can move past the rhetoric of $34MM is the top number and that is enough. What do she and her colleagues think should go, and to what extent? LGA? School funding? Health care for the poor? Road? Transit? Parks? The people of this state should debate and decide if they agree with cutting the areas the Republicans want to trim. Please demand specifics!

  • Al

    Sorry, I meant $34BB.

  • Jamie

    What is it that I’ve sort of heard in a couple of news breaks about Dayton turning down an invitation from the Republicans? It sounds like the news reader is saying that the Republicans were inviting THEMSELVES to go along on Dayton’s “tour.” ???? Of course he should decline!

    And why is this news story delivered pretty much just like it appears on this website, except for the part about this invitation? Is MPR just tacking that on because they got another Trash-Dayton news release from the GOP? MPR shouldn’t be reporting this kind of innuendo (or whatever it is) as straight news.

  • Chris

    Nice story about how the shutdown is affecting the flow of alcohol. I’m remembering a Simpson’s episode where Mr. Burns tries to break Homer’s will by blockading all beer from entering Springfield and buying up all the TV time. Maybe that’s what it will take to motivate the public on this.

  • Chris

    Burns: As you can see, Simpson, I’ve taken over all 78 channels. And you won’t see any of your favorite shows again until you give in….What’s that you say? You can live without television so long as you have beer?

    Homer: That’s right!

    Burns: Wrong. All beer trucks heading towards Springfield have been diverted…this town will be as dry as a bone! And if the rest of you beer-swilling tube-jockeys out there have a problem with this, talk to Homer Simpson.

    [The doorbell rings, and Homer answers it]

    Barney: [brandishing a gun] Homer, give him what he wants!