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The shutdown is now in Day 11. The NCSL says that’s longest shutdown of any state since 2002. No meetings are scheduled today.

AP says there is no urgency to end the shutdown.

MPR reports that some Democrats, like DFL Rep. Paul Thissen, aren’t ruling out accepting a K12 school shift and tobacco bonds to end the deal. He said isn’t favorable but there is also pressure to make sure the budget gets done and the shutdown ends

Tidbit: House Democrats have scheduled a Tuesday morning news conference to discuss the shutdown.

MPR takes a look at the major differences that are keeping the two sides apart.

The Star Tribune says there are more signs that the standoff could last a bit.

The Pi Press does a budget numbers story that cuts through the clutter of the political talking points.

MPR says state government has shut down but the partisan tweets have ramped up.

Tidbit: Dayton’s spokeswoman says Dayton will not be attending this weekend’s National Governor’s Association event in Salt Lake City.

MPR questioned residents in Northfield, home to one of the closest House races in 2010, and found that voters aren’t happy with the results.

The Star Tribune focuses on the new House and Senate Republicans who refuse to spend more.

Shutdown Impact

Several GOP lawmakers ask the court to cut off funding for essential services.

AP says idled public employees are holding on for now.

Some Republicans are calling on Dayton to call a special session so the state parks can be opened.

14 constitutional officers, including former governors, will get paid.


President Obama says they need to work out the debt deal in 10 days.

The debt deal is likely to be universally distasteful.

Race for President

The Iowa Republican conducted an independent poll that shows GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann leading in Iowa.

Tim Pawlenty’s campaign announced this morning that Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine endorsed Pawlenty.

Pawlenty appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press and decided to attack Bachmann. He said Bachmann has a “nonexistent” record in Congress.

Bachmann shot back that she’s fought cap and trade (which Pawlenty backed) and the bailout (which Pawlenty voiced support of as a surrogate to John McCain).

Tidbit: The attack on Bachmann shows Pawlenty needs to worry more about surviving Iowa than taking on perceived frontrunner Mitt Romney.

The Washington Post says Pawlenty may be vulnerable when it comes to ripping Romney on health care.

AP says Pawlenty is betting big on the Iowa straw poll.

Pawlenty also couldn’t say on Meet the Press whether he believed gays were born that way saying the science is “in dispute.”

The National Review says Pawlenty is a “hawk.”

Bachmann campaigned in Iowa over the weekend and told voters not to believe cries of default regarding the debt ceiling.

The Star Tribune says Bachmann has a slim record but a big punch.

Bachmann signed a pledge on marriage, pornography and Sharia law.

Tidbit: The pledge removed mention of a phrase suggesting black families were stronger under slavery than abortion.

The Wall St. Journal reports that Bachmann’s tax attorney job was as a collector for the IRS.