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It’s the eighth day of the shutdown. It will be the longest state shutdown in the nation since 2002 if it goes through Sunday.

No talks are scheduled for day. Gov. Dayton put forward the last offer on Wednesday. GOP legislative leaders haven’t made a budget offer since the shutdown started more than a week ago.

The Mondale/Carlson Commission suggests permanent spending cuts and tax hikes on income, alcohol and cigarettes. The proposal wasn’t fully embraced by any of the sides in negotiations.

Commission Co-chair Wayne Simoneau discusses the “third way.” Listen to the interview here.

GOP House Majority Leader Matt Dean writes an open letter to Gov. Dayton.

The Department of Human Services is a complex agency at the heart of the budget battle.

The Star Tribune talks to Minnesotans with an annual income of $1 million or more and finds that some are hostile and others are lukewarm to the plan.

Grover Norquist, who has never seen a tax he likes and said he wants to drown government in the bathtub, says Dayton is a “fanatic on taxes.”

Gov. Dayton had a fifteen minute conversation with Rep. Rich Murray, R-Albert Lea earlier this week.

Shutdown Impact

Minnesota’s bond rating has been downgraded.

A judge ruled that licensing operations at DHS can continue.

The GOP is making hay out of Dayton keeping his chef and housekeeper on as essential staff. Dayton’s spokeswoman says the governor is paying the chef out of his own pocket.

Tidbit: The House and Senate haven’t laid anyone off. A senate spokesman says they will reconsider at the end of July when carry forward fund start to run out. A House spokeswoman says they’ll reconsider at the end of August.

The shutdown forces a Duluth mental health facility to close.

MPR says the shutdown’s impact on business will only increase.

Iowa’s lottery sales have ticked up as a result of Minnesota’s shutdown.

A detective for the Commerce Department is at odds with his top brass over whether his work is essential or not.

Former Governor Arne Carlson and Wendell Anderson are a few retired constitutional officers who want to continue receiving their retirement checks during the shutdown.

Some visitors to state parks on the north shore are disregarding the shutdown.

Food inspectors will be shorthanded at fairs.

Under the Dome

DFL Sen. Linda Berglin took a job with Hennepin County. She wouldn’t say if she’ll leave her post in the Legislature.


MPR takes a look at the parallels between the budget battle in Minnesota and the battle in Congress.

Debt talks continue on Sunday.

DFL Sen. Al Franken reiterates his support for a top tier income tax increase.

The EPA clamps down on pollution spoiling air downwind.

The Small Business Administration declares Hennepin County a disaster area.

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar announces the end of the ethanol tax credit.

GOP Rep. John Kline says cut the strings on federal education money.

Kline is also considering a bill that would block the overhaul of the union election process.

The House adopts DFL Rep. Betty McCollum’s amendment to cut funding for military bands.

DFL Rep. Collin Peterson says ethanol’s tank may be near empty.

Race for President

The Washington Post says President Obama’s political machine goes on offense.

Reuters says Texas Gov. Rick Perry is likely to run in 2012.

Tim Pawlenty asks Iowans to examine his record.

He also told the Des Moines Register that he hasn’t been “campaigning in earnest” in Iowa until this week. The paper points out that he has made more campaign appearances in Iowa than every other candidate except Rick Santorum.

The New York Times gives Pawlenty a headline no candidate wants:

Will Republican Race’s First in Be the First Out?

Bloomberg says Pawlenty needs to do well at the Iowa Straw poll.

Pawlenty ripped the Mondale/Carlson Commission as being “Jurassic Park.”

He also said during a town hall that he likes Lady Gaga.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann released her first 2012 ad announcing fiscal conservatism.

Bachmann says in the ad that she won’t vote to raise the debt ceiling. A former political adviser to President Obama criticized that stance.

CBS News says Bachmann’s vote on Paul Ryan’s budget plan contradicts her debt ceiling stance.

The Fix says Bachmann’s decision to take strong stands on controversial bills helps her in the race.

  • danno

    Matt Dean, Governor Dayton got 50 times (just a number picked out of the air) as many votes as you did, so what is his mandate? Who do you think you are, threatening the governor and the state?