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Former Vice-President Walter Mondale, former Gov. Arne Carlson and former Sen. Dave Durenberger are holding a news conference with the hopes of outlining a third way to get to a budget solution. The group will hold a news conference in Minneapolis at 10am. MinnPost has the story.

Tidbit: Expect Republicans to criticize to be skeptical of the plan since they argue Carlson is no longer a Republican.

Gov. Dayton will speak with MPR’s Morning Edition this morning. The interview should air in the 7am hour.

There are no talks scheduled between Gov. Dayton and GOP legislative leaders. Dayton’s spokeswoman says they hope have talks at some point but no talks are scheduled yet.

MPR, the Star Tribune and AP say some GOP lawmakers got an earful from constituents at 4th of July parades. MPR followed GOP Sen. Dave Senjem in Blooming Prairie. The Strib followed GOP Sen. Geoff Michel in Edina. AP followed GOP Sen. Ted Daley in Eagan.

Two signs a deal won’t be reached soon:

Politico followed GOP Rep. Doug Wardlow during a parade in Eagan. Here’s what Wardlow told a constituent when told to hold the line on spending:

“The time for compromise is over,” Wardlow said. “We tried compromise. It didn’t work. So there’s no compromise between right and wrong.”

GOP Sen. Mike Parry, who has repeatedly criticized Dayton during the legislative session, also told the Mankato Free Press that Dayton should resign.

“The guy should resign,” said Parry, a Republican business-owner serving his second year in the Senate. “He should resign as governor and let (Lt. Gov.) Yvonne Prettner Solon finish out his term because he’s shown to me that he doesn’t care about the state of Minnesota.”

GOP Rep. Bob Gunther told the paper he doesn’t think Dayton is relishing the shutdown.

The Star Tribune talks to a few lawmakers on the budget and several Republicans, particularly in the Senate, say they won’t move off of their $34 billion budget.

The Wall St. Journal says GOP lawmakers met privately over the weekend to discuss budget plans. Senate GOP spokesman Michael Brodkorb said GOP Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch was making phone calls over the weekend and pointed reporters to this message on Twitter.

MPR talked to a few voters to gauge who is to blame for the shutdown.

Shutdown impact

MPR says the sting of reduced government services is being felt.

Visitors are not allowed at most state prisons as a result of the shutdown.

Under the Dome

TiZA, an Islamic charter school, is pondering legal options as the state makes efforts to shut the school down.

Race for Congress

The Senate is in session this week after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-NV, canceled the Independence Day recess.

Expect talks over raising the debt ceiling to pick up this week.

The New York Times says Republicans could face primary challenges as voters begin to see the first-termers as part of the political establishment.

Race for President

The Washington Post says super PACs will define the 2012 campaign.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann campaigned in Iowa. The blog, The Iowa Republican, questions Bachmann’s grassroots organizing in the state.

Politico profiles Marcus Bachmann.

Tim Pawlenty released a campaign video on Independence Day.

The Washington Post’s Greg Sargent disagrees with Nate Silver’s assessment of Pawlenty. He said Pawlenty is targeting the smaller group of party actors.

Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman crossed paths in New Hampshire.