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Happy Independence Day.

The day is a reminder of our country’s history and for those who fought and died for the nation’s freedom.

Here are two reminders of that sacrifice…

Chad D. Frokjer, a marine from Maplewood, was killed in Afghanistan.

American troops were killed in Afghanistan at the same rate as 2010.

Budget talks

July 4th parades will be held across the state today and lawmakers are expected to get an earful from their constituents over the state government shutdown.

There are no budget talks until Tuesday (at the earliest). Listen to MPR’s interview with Gov. Dayton here.

Tidbit: A spokeswoman for the governor says Dayton’s team is reaching out to Republicans who would be open to new revenue to get a budget deal.

The Star Tribune also interviewed Dayton.

AP says Dayton is fighting the GOP’s No News Taxes stance.

Here’s a tick tock of how the talks broke down.

Using the same documents, AP says there are ways for Dayton and the GOP to compromise.

The Pi Press says the evolution of the impasse started last Fall.

The St. Cloud Times says many lawmakers will continue to take checks.

Shutdown Impact

The MN Zoo is now open after the court ruled in its favor.

Canterbury Park has to stay closed. Horses and trainers may leave the state for work.

Here’s a list of what’s open and what’s closed.

The cost of the shutdown will bring sticker shock to the budget.

Tidbit: The next real deadline for a deal is July 20th. That’s when LGA payments go out.

Minnesota’ vulnerable have been hit hard by the shutdown.

There was some confusion over what programs will be funded at Friday’s special master hearings.

MPR and the Star Tribune have stories on how the shutdown will impact private businesses.

The shutdown created the largest layoff in state history.

Delivery to food shelves will continue.

Someone set a fire at Gov. Dayton’s former home.


The 112th Congress is one of the least productive in years.

DFL Rep. Tim Walz says he’s confident that federal budget talks won’t end up like Minnesota.

FEMA denies an appeal for tornado victims.

Race for President

Michele Bachmann is campaigning in Iowa. She told a group of Christian conservatives that God will come and “heal our land.”

AP says Bachmann has done little to organize in Iowa.

Bachmann also praised Republicans in the Minnesota Legislature for “standing up to reckless spending and higher taxes.”

Tim Pawlenty raised $4.2 million in the 2nd Quarter – which does not meet expectations.

The Fix says Pawlenty’s low fundraising haul are “likely to raise questions about his perceived status as the primary alternative to former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney in the 2012 Republican presidential race.

Pawlenty will be in Iowa later this week.

Pollster Nate Silver says Pawlenty is like RC Cola.

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