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Most of state government is shutdown this morning. It’s the second time since 2005 that a state government shutdown has occurred.

Gov. Dayton and GOP legislative leaders are at odds over the same issue that has been the sticking point since the November election – Taxes and Spending. Read my story here.

Here’s video of Dayton’s speech and reaction from GOP legislative leaders.

Tidbit: It’s safe to say that the “cone of silence” has been lifted

House and Senate Republicans gathered in their respective chambers with the hopes of convincing Dayton to call them back into special session. Dayton called it a political stunt.

The failure to reach a budget deal means many state services will no longer continue.

More than twenty thousand state employees have been laid off.

The New Ulm Journal says many are hit hard by the loss of subsidized daycare.

The state parks are closed.

You can hike into some start parks though.

The State Capitol is closed to the public.

Other historical sites are also closed.

You can’t go swimming on some beaches in Lake Superior because the beach monitoring program is closed.

The Special Master hearings are set to start today.


MPR’s Jeff Thompson took some good shots from last night.


The Campaign Finance Board rules that big dollar donors have to be disclosed if they spend on constitutional amendments.

Politicos scramble to raise money before the deadline.


Minnesota’s delegation wants quicker FDA approval for medical devices.

Race for President

Tim Pawlenty urged GOP lawmakers in Minnesota to not back down in their budget battle with Gov. Dayton. It’s interesting that Pawlenty decided to enter the debate since he was governor during the 2005 shutdown. Democrats point out that his policy of using one-time money and accounting gimmicks is the reason the state is facing a $5 billion budget deficit.

Pawlenty raised money in Florida.

Think Progress reports that GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann’s husband said gays are “barbarians that need to be educated.”

Bachmann will take a three day bus tour in Iowa this weekend.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    Republican Math: shut down the State of Minnesota for 5,266,200 Minnesotans to keep 7,700 millionaires in pocket change.