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State employees start heading back to work today to reopen Minnesota government and resume government services. The move is happening after Gov. Dayton signed the 12 finance and spending bills into law.

Tidbit: Dayton will welcome some state workers back to the job this morning.

Here’s a list of what’s open and when.

Questions remain as to how the state budget will affect workers.

MPR has a detailed look at what’s in each of the budget bills.

K-12 school officials consider the funding and policy changes in the budget.

GOP Sen. David Hann says the K12 shift won’t harm schools.

The state parks could open for day use on Friday.

Providers are worried about the cuts in the HHS budget.

Health care advocates also feel the sting of the cuts in the HHS budget.

Here’s a glance at what’s in the HHS budget.

Tidbit: The state is tallying the cost of the shutdown.

MPR takes a look at the political fallout that could occur because of the shutdown.

The Star Tribune takes a look at what’s in some of the budget bills.

The Legislature passed a pension bill that requires the state to take over the closed police and fire pension funds for the city of Minneapolis.

Happy Trails

Dayton’s spokeswoman, Andrea Mokros, is leaving the office to take a job with the White House.

Vikings Stadium

Gov. Dayton says he’d consider calling a special session for a new stadium.


Gay Rights groups are pondering a lawsuit against the Anoka-Hennepin School District if they don’t change their policy on training employees over bullying.


Debt talks are intensifying. President Obama is open to a short-term deal to buy more time.

Wall St. is making a fallback plan for the debt crisis.

DFL Sen. Al Franken questions the validity of the testimony of a lobbyist with Focus on the Family.

Groups are pushing DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar to support the Defense of Marriage Act repeal as well.

The Federal Reserve fines Wells Fargo for pushing subprime loans.

Race for President

Tim Pawlenty, who is trailing in the polls to Michele Bachmann, says Bachmann’s headaches are fair game. He later called it a “sideshow.”

Bachmann released a doctor’s letter on migraines.

The scrutiny of Bachmann has increased as she has jumped in the polls.

Pawlenty may take some comfort that he’s second (behind Bachmann) in an Iowa poll.

Politico says Bachmann’s surge is helping Pawlenty recast expectations.

An Iowan rips Pawlenty as the second coming of George W. Bush because of his approach to balancing the budget.

Pawlenty shoots guns in Iowa.

Pawlenty launched a TV ad.

Pawlenty’s campaign keeps lowering expectations at the Iowa Straw poll.

Pawlenty will sit down with CNN’s Candy Crowley on Friday (for the Sunday show).

Wall Street is investing in Mitt Romney.


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