Shutdown Day 7: No budget meetings scheduled

It’s Day 7 of the state government shutdown and there are no major events scheduled at the State Capitol today.

There are no budget meetings scheduled between Gov. Dayton and GOP legislative leaders (as of now). The two sides broke off talks yesterday after Dayton presented two new options to resolve their budget differences (a cigarette tax increase or a temporary income tax increase). Both were rejected by GOP leaders. Dayton said Republicans would have to present a different offer if they didn’t like his proposal.

Dayton will attend a private ceremony for Sgt. Chad Frokjer, who was killed in Afghanistan on June 30.

Meanwhile, the chairs of the House and Senate Transportation Committees will appear before Kathleen Blatz, the Special Master assigned to hear pleas on why certain government services should continue during the shutdown. GOP Rep. Mike Beard and GOP Sen. Joe Gimse plan to request that a judge declare that the state’s road construction projects are essential services and need to continue operating.

Several social services agencies, including Lutheran Social Services and Tubman, are also scheduled to appear at the hearing.

PolyMet mining will also request that their environmental review continue during the shutdown.

You can read the full agenda here.

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