Another poll shows Bachmann gain in New Hampshire

WASHINGTON – A new poll shows GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann drawing 18 percent support in New Hampshire in the Republican presidential primary race, only seven points behind Mitt Romney, who has consistently led polls in the Granite State and owns a home there.

The PPP poll has Bachmann gaining 14 percent support since the company’s last New Hampshire poll in April. Meanwhile, Romney’s support dropped 12 percent.

PPP says Bachmann’s support in New Hampshire, which is host to the nation’s first presidential primary in 2012, comes from tea party supporters. The company says Bachmann’s net favorability ratings are the strongest among the presidential contenders with 64 percent of respondents holding a favorable impression of the 6th District Congresswoman compared to just 24 percent holding an unfavorable impression.

Former Gov. Tim Pawlenty remains toward the back of the pack of contenders with 6 percent support, tied with Jon Huntsman, who only recently announced his campaign, and two points ahead of Newt Gingrich, whose campaign staff resigned en masse last month.

Bachmann has appeared to be concentrating her resources on winning two other early voting states, Iowa and South Carolina, where social conservatives hold more sway, rather than New Hampshire, which has a strong libertarian and fiscally conservative bent.

PPP surveyed 341 New Hampshire Republicans who say they’ll vote in the primaries. It conducted the poll between June 30th and July 5th (with a break on the 3rd and 4th of July). The poll’s margin of error is +/- 5.3 percent. The full results and methodology are available here.

  • Robert Norvell

    Michell Bachman is the only one I will support for President because she is speaking the truth. Very rare for a politician today..

  • hans petruska

    I love you, for what you will do and stand for. God bless, anyway I can help, I will…

    Hans Petruska, German imigrant

  • Frank

    The Tea Party favorites should be Bachmann, Paul & Caine (not necessarily in that order). They all speak the truth. I can support either one. Republicans better listen to the Tea Party before it disintegrates and is replaced by a third Party.

  • Marijo Vik

    The minute Michelle Bachman announced that she would run for President, I made a contribution to her campaign. She’s a smart, truthful conservative and I’ll do everything I can to help her win.

  • Lindsey

    Bachmann 2012!!!!!!!

  • Philip Einhorn

    Michelle is the ONE candidate that has not told us a lie about where she stands on the issues. She is a talented leader and has the background to lead our country back to solvency. GO MICHELLE!!!!!!!

  • Gail Clower

    What this country needs desperately now is

    a great statesperson – not another politician.

    America needs to be saved. Michele

    can do this. It’s not about the party anymore –

    it’s about our beloved country. Get behind

    her NOW.

  • Michael Hackney

    I too made an immediate donation to Michelle Bachmann’s campaign upon learning of her candidacy. We need true public servants of the people to represent us. Not the arrogant politicians who seem to know what the people need better than the people themselves. Our country was built on the constitution which has been trampled over by this current administration.

    I believe we are beggining a great awakening, and once more will see the divine direction of “One Nation Under God”.

  • Grand Republic

    George W Bush;a fundementilist Christian deliberately unbalanced the budgetto give Wall Street free reign,(*Dick Cheney said ‘Deficits don’t matter’)started an unecessary war for the Isreali Lobby and Oil interests,costing 2 Trillion doallars and killing 300,000 people, added high income peopleto Medicare,and tore up the Constitution for his mad ‘religious visions’.Ms Bachmann is the same as him.She is an ignorent fanatic.