Klobuchar raises $1.1 million, has $3.3 million on hand

WASHINGTON – Amy Klobuchar’s mountain of campaign cash continues to grow. The DFL Senator’s campaign says she raised $1.1 million in the past three months

The first term Senator raised about the same amount the previous quarter. She now has a war chest of $3.3 million to fund her re-election, 16 months before Election Day 2012.

Last quarter, Klobuchar had $2.5 million in cash on hand, suggesting that her campaign spent $300,000 in the past three months. More details will be available after July 15, when the campaign is required to file details with the Federal Election Commission.

Klobuchar’s fundraising has had a whimsical element to it. Last month, she held an event for donors at a performance of Glee, the musical, in Washington, DC.

Klobuchar’s growing campaign bank account, and her sky-high job approval rating, appears to have dissuaded many Republicans from declaring a run against her.

So far, former state Rep. Dan Severson is Klobuchar’s only declared Republican opponent.

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