Gallup poll: Bachmann moves up, Pawlenty stays put

The latest numbers from Gallup deliver more good news for U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann — who speaks at the National Press Club Thursday — and more bad news for former Gov. Tim Pawlenty.

Among declared candidates, Bachmann is supported by 18 percent of Republican voters, according to the national poll, which was conducted July 20-24. That puts her second behind frontrunner Mitt Romney.

In June, Bachmann was supported by only 7 percent of Republican voters. Since then, her poll numbers have risen to 18 percent, largely on the strength of her performance in the New Hampshire debate according to Gallup.

“Most other candidates’ support has held steady or shown a slight decline since June,” pollsters said.

Meanwhile, Pawlenty is supported by 4 percent of Republican voters. That number is in line with other recent national polls, which are especially useful when it comes to fundraising and building visibility among voters.

Though Pawlenty has campaigned doggedly, he’s had trouble expanding support among conservative voters, and it appears the recent poll numbers only underscore his challenge.

Bachmann could lose support if Texas Gov. Rick Perry, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani are thrown into the mix.

None of the potential candidates have declared their candidacy, but any could shake up the field if they do, especially for Romney. For instance, if Perry decided to enter the race, he’d come in at a close second behind Romney with 18 percent of Republican support. In that case Romney’s support would decline from 27 percent to 23 percent.

Bachmann is the featured noontime speaker at the National Press Club on Thursday, where she’s expected to talk more about her candidacy for president.

  • Joe

    I just dont understand when “Republican” became “Conservative”

    Why do the “Conservative” Zealots get to decide?

    I have no problem with that since any true conservative is deeply upappealing to the general population that understands in life you need some balance and you may not always be right.

    Will Wackman stand up to any scrutiny when the time comes; no, I feel a full Palin coming on. The higher ups know that though, as evidenced by their refusal to give her any position in the house, so Romney will likely be the guy. Gaffes galore – yummy, cant wait.

  • Sammy

    Can someone please pull the lady off the podium … Why the national press club giving her millage – if she become president of this great nation – we will loose any prospect of a better future that we might still have ….

  • MN Guy

    Does this “representative” ever do anything for Minnesota? She’s always in Iowa or somewhere, sticking her foot in her mouth.

  • Laura

    Will the media never challenge the untruths our politicians spew from their mouths? I graduated from college 35 years ago and received public loans -not private. My children are all college graduates and all have private bank loans – not public. Just the opposite of what Bachman feeds “the American People”. I am part of the American People and am offended by her assumption that we are all too uninformed to know fact from fiction.

  • Nancy Kroeten

    I’m embarrassed the National Press Club was afraid to ask Bachmann one “serious” question, and allowed her to ignore questions for which she was unprepared.

    She spoke of Reagan as if he were her hero, yet he and his congress rose the debt ceiling more than any President in history.

    Further, she announced she wants to eliminate the ability for college students to receive government loans to help them with tuition, and not one reporter had a comment or question? For some Americans, those very few who are not incredibly wealthy, this almost insures they will not have access to higher education. Yet, Bachmann is concerned about “Issac”? Maybe he’ll get lucky, Rep. Bachmann, and follow in his father’s footsteps who has it “made” sweating to death in what YOU described as a horrid working environment.

    As for the Press Clubs–you seem more a Club of Cowards today.It is possible to respect a woman and still ask her the same type of questions you would ask a man running for President. In fact, you’re handling of Bachmann with not kid, but baby-gloves, insults all women.

  • Ginny

    The failure of the news people to ask Bachmann any serious questions–and to let her duck the few that were asked–is one big reason unqualified, ignorant ideologues like her are actually nominated for the presidency.