Former Govs will get paid

Ramsey County Judge Kathleen Gearin says the state’s former constitutional officers, including former Govs. Arne Carlson and Wendell Anderson, should continue to receive retiree benefits during the government shutdown.

The Minnesota State Retirement System has asked Special Master Kathleen Blatz, to keep funding state retirement checks for Minnesota’s 14 retired constitutional officers or their survivors. Judge Gearin already ruled that retirement benefits should be disbursed for the state’s 30,000 retirees but the MSRS said the 14 constitutional officers are in a special plan that is funded by the general fund. Gearin agreed that the monthly payments of $37,899.34 should be paid.

  • Robert J Knudsen

    Regardless of your political beliefs, I believe reasonable people would think this is situation is unbelievable. Adults, voted into office to govern obviously are not capable of doing their jobs and they can’t stop playing King of the Hill, or we must posture to Blame the Other Guy. There is likely not a Leader in the whole bunch. Have been a Republican most of my adult life, but this latest salvo is embarrassing, to ourselves not using good judgement. As the Republican Party has gone far to the right to pick up votes they have continued to lose their sense of fairness and are being held hostage. Where is our LEADERSHIP

    Shutting down during busy season — WOW