Debt limit debate nixes Bachmann’s Iowa plans

UPDATE: Bachmann is returning to Iowa on Sunday and will stay at least through Monday. Presumably if Republicans and Democrats in Washington reach a deal, Bachmann will return to vote against whatever bill they agree to.

WASHINGTON – Michele Bachmann’s Iowa campaign plans have been derailed by the debt ceiling debate consuming Washington.

The Republican Congresswoman’s presidential campaign announced late Friday night that instead of attending scheduled events in Iowa this weekend, Bachmann will be calling in to her events, while a surrogate, Iowa state Sen. Kent Sorenson, attends in her stead.

The House and Senate need to pass a bill to raise the government’s borrowing limit by midnight, August 2nd. Bachmann has forcefully opposed to raising the debt ceiling and voted against a House GOP-backed plan yesterday that would have increased the debt limit while making deep, offsetting cuts.

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