Cravaack votes against Boehner debt bill

The House Republican bill to extend the federal government’s debt ceiling passed late this afternoon despite a conservative rebellion. MPR’s Washington reporter, Brett Neely, spoke to one of those rebels, Rep. Chip Cravaack, who represents Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District.

Cravaack was elected to Congress last November as part a wave of freshmen determined to cut spending. He said when looked at the numbers, he was worried that the bill didn’t cut enough.

Cravaack said he was pleased the Speaker added in a requirement for Congress to vote on a balanced budget amendment, but that still wasn’t enough.

“I took a look at where it was inserted within the language of the bill and I don’t like where it’s placed. It’s very easily eradicated out,” said Cravaack.

The pressure on Cravaack and other insurgent members to support Boehner’s plan was intense. There were endless meetings and persuasion sessions.

When asked if he had bruises from that effort, he responded like this,

“I won’t take off my shirt, let’s put it that way,” he said, laughing.

While Cravaack was holding firm on principle against this bill, ultimately it’s expected to be for naught since the Democratic-controlled Senate won’t pass the House bill.

  • Jamie

    Does someone at MPR have a crush on Chip Cravaack or something?