Cravaack plans to spend more time with his family…in New Hampshire

From MPR’s Rupa Shenoy:

No, it’s not a case of yet another Minnesota politician running for president. But GOP Rep. Chip Cravaack’s wife and children are moving to New Hampshire, and Cravaack plans to visit them there at least once a week.

Cravaack tells the Duluth News Tribune his wife Traci’s job requires her to be in the Boston area three days a week, and the New Hampshire location will make it easier for him to spend time with their children.

“My wife and I said, ‘Just because I’m in Congress, I’m still a father.’ And being a father comes first,” he said. “I have to take care of my children the best way possible, and still be able to serve the country at the same time.”

Cravaack says he plans to sell his family’s home in Lindstrom and move to North Branch.

Cravaack campaign advisor Ben Golnik said Cravaack will continue to spend about as much time in the state as he does now.

“Sunday has always been his family day, so just using now as an example, I think today he was in two parades up in northern Minnesota, so he’ll do his parades, and most likely Saturday evening he’d go to New Hampshire, spend time with his family, and then go to Washington, DC if there were votes,” he said. “On district work weeks he would spend his time as he does now, in Minnesota doing constituent meetings, town hall meetings.”

Cravaack told the newspaper that he’s being pressured by attack ads to begin running for re-election sooner than he had expected.

As someone who ran accusing Democrat Jim Oberstar of being out of touch with the 8th District, it’s probably fair to assume the Democrats who want to run against him in 2012 may have a few things to say about the New Hampshire homestead.

  • Dave

    It is interesting that Representative Cravaack’s campaign adviser stated that he would spend “about” as much time in the state as he does now. Why would he leave the attack ajar? It would have been more politically prudent to make a firm statement that the family move would have no impact on his time in the district.

  • Jack Boardman

    Well…okay then. Staying connected with his district as much as he has been…good to know.

  • Rich

    Good deal for his family. Not so good for his next campaign.

  • Ed

    It sounds as though, should he lose the election and have to go home, that “home” would be in New Hampshire, not Minnesota. Aside from his congressional seat, it sounds like he’s really severed his ties to Minnesota.

    I’ve heard of politicians moving TO a state because they want to represent it – Hillary Clinton did that.

    I’ve never heard of a politician’s family moving AWAY from a state while he continued to represent it.

  • Geoff

    I wonder whether taxpayers will be picking up the tab for him to visit his family in New Hampshire. I’m fine paying to visit his district (and voters), but in a time of fiscal restraint, I most certainly hope he’s not tapping the federal coffers to visit his family.

  • Keith Kuckler

    If he wanted to spend more time with his family, why not move to the Washington D.C. area? That way, he would at least be close to the job that he asked the voters to give him. I had questions about Jim Oberstar, but, at least he delivered the goods for our district and the state of Minnesota. Many congressmen and women from both parties have maintained a residence in Washington and at home, it never seemed to be an issue before, but, moving to New Hamshire after only a year on the job seems like a slap in the face to the citizens he is supposed to represent.

  • Cathy

    It’s okay, Chip. You can move away permanently. We won’t mind. Let somebody who’s really rooted in MN represent us.

  • A. Werewulff

    When trying to send a message through an advocacy group of my choice I now get the following message…

    Representative Chip Cravaack – Representative Cravaack will not accept email messages unless they are sent using this web form.

    Irony that his webform only accepts six lines… hardly enough for an opinion on anything.. I think that’s pretty much ‘out of touch’! Can you say Carpetbagger Chip?

    “If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn’t be. And what it wouldn’t be, it would. You see?” ~Lewis Carrol, Alice in Wonderland.