Cravaack gets a big welcome from NH Democrats

WASHINGTON – The news that Rep. Chip Cravaack’s family intends to move to New Hampshire while Cravaack continues to represent Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District has spread fast. The story has been picked up by a number of non-Minnesota news outlets.

Now, New Hampshire’s Democrats have offered their own mocking welcome to the first term Republican.

“It’s a pleasure to congratulate Rep. Chip Cravaack on relocating his family to New Hampshire since there is little doubt he will soon be retiring here permanently,” said Ray Buckley, who runs the New Hampshire Democratic Party.

Cravaack unexpectedly won his seat last year, defeating longtimer DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar. Recapturing the seat is a major priority for state and national Democrats.

Cravaack says his family is moving because his wife, Traci, recently received a promotion at work and is now working from Boston. The couple has two small children who were being cared for by baby-sitters during the week.

Cravaack plans to split his weekends between Minnesota and New Hampshire and spend the congressional work week (often Monday night through Thursday) in Washington.

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