Cravaack and Bachmann get another financial disclosure extension

WASHINGTON – Reporters and campaign operatives eager to dig into the finances of Republican presidential candidate and House member Michele Bachmann will have to wait a bit longer. Bachmann’s office confirmed that she has received another extension for filing her required financial disclosure forms that were first due to be released June 15.

Bachmann’s paperwork is now due Aug. 12, during the scheduled Congressional summer recess. Income from a stake Bachmann and her husband hold in a family farm in Wisconsin will surely come under scrutiny. The farm receives payments from the federal government even as Bachmann has called for cutting federal spending.

Freshman Rep. Chip Cravaack also received an additional extension, which puts his expected filing date in mid-August as well, according to chief of staff Michael Tomberlin. Cravaack, who’s expected to face a tough challenge next year in his DFL-leaning district, may also see his finances come under scrutiny after announcing last week that his family will be moving to New Hampshire while he continues to represent Minnesota’s 8th District.

On the Senate side, DFL Sen. Al Franken had previously asked for a longer extension and his paperwork is due by Aug. 15, said spokesman Ed Shelleby.

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