Budget deal reached (VIDEO)

Dayton and GOP leaders announce a budget deal:

Dayton and GOP leaders take questions from reporters:

Governor Mark Dayton and Republican legislators say they have reached a framework to end a budget impasse that led to the longest state government shutdown in recent history. The two sides agreed on a proposal that would raise $1.4 billion in new revenue. Half of that amount comes by delaying state aid checks to school districts and the other half by selling tobacco payment bonds. In return, Dayton dropped his long-standing insistence on raising taxes on top earners. In a news conference this (thursday) afternoon, Dayton said the deal does not involve a so-called ‘lights on’ bill.

“We’re going to turn all the lights on when we get all these bills passed,” Dayton said. “That’s going to be in just a very few days, and so that’s where our focus will be and our priority, and I’ve said all along that a comprehensive agreement is what I insist upon and we’re going to get that done very very quickly.”

Dayton’s conditions included a demand that Republicans drop a list of policy changes and a plan to reduce the state workforce by 15 percent.

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