Bachmann talks debt limit at the National Press Club

Hours before a critical vote to raise the debt ceiling in the House of Representatives, Rep. Michele Bachmann said the White House is using “scare tactics” to build support for a plan to borrow more.

“We have to stop making raising the debt limit routine,” the Minnesota Republican told a crowd at the National Press Club.

It’s time for Washington to “end the illusion” that it knows how to spend taxpayer dollars correctly, Bachmann said. As a legislator and, if elected president, she said she will put her foot down.

“I have the titanium spine to see it through,” she said.

Bachmann’s signed a pledge to vote against raising the debt ceiling unless it’s paired with deep spending cuts. She’s already rejected a GOP plan because it didn’t cut enough or defund the federal health care overhaul passed in 2010.

The bill did “not go far enough in fundamentally restructuring the way Washington spends taxpayer dollars,” she said in a press statement the day she voted against the legislation.

The lower chamber is expected to vote on a second GOP plan to raise the debt limit later Thursday, and Bachmann’s said she’ll also vote against that plan.

Bachmann said that Obama’s argument that Congress must raise the debt ceiling or face economic catastrophe is a “flawed assumption.” Poligraph examined this argument from Bachmann when she mentioned it last month, and found that the nation does have enough cash to pay interest on the debt, but it would likely come at the cost of paying other financial obligations.

The Minnesota congresswoman also used her hour at the podium to burnish her conservative credentials, praising former President Ronald Reagan and retelling the story of how she voted for Jimmy Carter in college, but became a Republican after being disappointed by his policies.

She also deflected questions about recent news reports that her husband’s counseling clinic urges prayer to rid patients of homosexuality.

“I am extremely proud of my husband,” she said. “I am running for the presidency of the United States. My husband is not running for the presidency… Neither is our business.”

Bachmann also talked about her experiences so far on the campaign trail. She said she hears over and over that people “fear they may have lived through pinnacle of American greatness.”

“They want progress,” she said. “And they certainly want that for their kids.”

  • Otto Banks

    Congressman Bachmann is confident that full faith and credit of U.S. will not be compromised if debt ceiling is not raised, so, we will pay our interest to China debt holders, etc. Hmmm, wonder if she thinks U.S. seniors should be able to depend on full faith and credit of U.S. as they await their Social Security checks?

  • raxmar

    As a Christian, I find I want to cringe and hide whenever I hear Michelle Bachmann talk about faith and politics. Please, world. Know that we are not all this narrow minded and unrelentingly incurious.

  • Wendy Jean

    thanks raxmar for your comment. Goo to know.

  • gary

    Congresswoman Bachmann rest of us can’t afford your titanium backbone. You seem like such a nice woman and I am sure you are; but, sadly, you don’t know what you don’t know. I’m sorry but given your ignorance, I hope you never run anything, much less this country. God Bless you

  • Wendy Jean

    Thanks raxmar for your comment. Good to know.

  • Lynn Dufresne

    When Michelle can tell me where the unemployed, uninsured can turn for health care then she can talk about how expensive ObamaCare (her name for it) is. The taxpayer covers the cost of her health care and retirement. I notice she doesn’t talk about cutting any of her benefits!

  • kurt

    Her husband is not running for President, but Michelle signed one her many pledges, which makes her subservient to her husband. So, if she is elected and she has to make a decision he is opposed to, which way will she go. Rule of Man, or Rule of God. Unless she wants to break that covenant to God, the answer is pretty clear.

    Of course she can always cite Reagan, who in his memoirs stated he relied on Astrology for some of his decisions (Nancy made him do it).

  • SP

    It only makes one wonder what she will do if she becomes President. Watch out everyone. She has no ideas, only objections and loud words.

  • Mike Fiske

    Congressman Bachmann is confident that full faith and credit of U.S. will not be compromised if debt ceiling is not raised. Ok, and we faked the moon landing too.

  • Richard McLeod

    Why do we continue to pay this woman who is not doing the job that she was elected to do.

    Who else in congress has missed 135 votes?

    Perhaps her salary and benefits could go toward the national debt instead.

  • H. Nielsen

    Her opposition to raising the debt ceiling clearly shows that she has NO clue as to what will erupt if this does not get done – soon. Higher interest and most important loss of more jobs are just a few. She is not fit to run this country.