Bachmann releases doctor’s letter on migraines

WASHINGTON – Michele Bachmann’s presidential campaign released a letter from the Attending Physician of Congress addressing her medical record of migraine headaches, saying she is “overall in good general health.”

The Daily Caller and other outlets have reported that the Stillwater congresswoman suffers from “debilitating” headaches that have required hospitalization and could impair her ability to serve as President.

Bachmann responded yesterday, acknowledging that she suffers from headaches and saying they would not affect her ability to serve were she to win the Republican nomination and the presidency in 2012,

The letter, from Dr. Brian Monahan, says Bachmann’s migraines “occur infrequently,” that tests and brain scans were normal nor does she require daily medication to treat the condition.

In a veiled reference to Bachmann, former Gov. Tim Pawlenty told reporters in Iowa that candidates “have to be able to demonstrate they can do all of the job all of the time.” Pawlenty’s poll numbers have dropped precipitously since Bachmann entered the race.

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