Bachmann Campaign: Pawlenty more like Obama than Bachmann

Minnesota Congresswoman and GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann is making the case that she and former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who’s also vying for the GOP presidential nomination, are have very different policy records.

Bachmann for President Press Secretary Alice Stewart issued a statement responding to the Pawlenty campaign’s assertion that Pawlenty and Bachmann share very similar positions on the issues.

Governor Pawlenty would have us believe that there is ‘very little difference’ between his positions and those of Michele Bachmann. But in fact, there is very little difference between Governor Pawlenty’s past positions and Barack Obama’s positions on several critical issues facing Americans. On issues such as unconstitutional healthcare mandates, climate change regulations, and Wall Street bailouts, there’s very little daylight, indeed, between Governor Pawlenty’s record and the Obama administration’s policies.

Bachmann and Pawlenty are among several Republicans working hard in Iowa in hopes of strong showings in next month’s Iowa Straw Poll which will be help in Ames in mid-August.

  • wayne

    Pawlenty and Bachmann are like 2 farts in a church…..neither belongs there!

  • Steve

    I would way rather have those two farts in a church somewhere than in the White House.