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Budget talks broke off last night and there are no talks scheduled for today (as of now).

Gov. Dayton and GOP legislative leaders wrapped up budget negotiations on Wednesday with little to say about where things stand even though a nervous public wonders what services will continue if the shutdown happens tonight at midnight. Here’s my story (with Video).

Tidbit: GOP leaders say rank and file Republicans will be back in St. Paul today. Expect a PR offensive on being ready to get back to work.

Shutdown Impact

Ramsey County Judge Kathleen Gearin gave the public a better idea of what will continue (read the ruling here).

Here’s a shutdown scorecard of what’s essential.

Here’s an FAQ for some of your shutdown questions.

The Legislature would continue operating if a shutdown happens.

The judge’s ruling relieves senior care givers.

The ruling preserves funding for health care and welfare.

The threat of a shutdown delays welfare payments.

22,000 state employees are bracing for the loss of a paycheck.

Families and child care lose out in the ruling.

State parks are seeing a lot of cancellations as the shutdown looms.

Giants Ridge golf courses would close if a shutdown occurred.

Several attorneys reacted to the ruling.

The State Capitol will be closed to the public if a shutdown occurs.

Vikings Stadium

The Star Tribune reports that the proposed stadium is cheaper but not yet done.


President Obama says taxes on top earners have to go up if he were to agree to a deficit reduction plan.

A hotel attack in Kabul raises concerns about the viability of Afghan forces.

A federal appeals court rules the health care bill is constitutional.

The sale of Cirrus to a Chinese firm is complete. GOP Rep. Chip Cravaack is mentioned.


Greece is set to back austerity measures.

Race for Congress

GOP Rep. Chip Cravaack has hired political strategist Ben Golnik to help with his reelection efforts.

Race for President

A Fox News poll has Mitt Romney leading, Texas Gov. Rick Perry in second (he hasn’t announced his intentions) and GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann in third. Tim Pawlenty is tied for eighth with three percent support.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann held a town hall in South Carolina last night. She spoke of having a miscarriage.

The Washington Post has a write-thru of Bachmann’s trip.

AP says public money is putting Bachmann on the defensive.

In a bid to show he has considerable MN support (and damage Bachmann), Tim Pawlenty released a list of conservative supporters from Minnesota.

A conservative activist in New Hampshire will start talking up Tim Pawlenty.

An editor with The Hill says Pawlenty has a few campaign troubles.

Pawlenty sat down with the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Romney hits Obama on jobs. He features a plant in Allentown, PA that received stimulus money but later closed.

Sarah Palin was in Minnesota yesterday.