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Gov. Dayton and GOP legislative leaders will meet again today at 9am. There are less than 48 hours until a state government shutdown. The two sides stuck to their position of saying nothing about the meetings even though there’s a lot of public uncertainty over what happens on July 1.

Tuesday’s budget talks focused on Health and Human Services spending.

Dayton says he recognizes that time is growing short.

MPR takes a look at the politics going on in the meetings and who loses politically in the event of a shutdown.

The Star Tribune takes a look at whether Racinos are a budget solution continues.

Tidbit: Watch the Medicaid surcharge. It raises more than double what Racinos would deliver.

Shutdown Impact

A judge has ruled that the courts need to continue even if a shutdown occurs.

A shutdown could devastate mental health care services.

Domestic abuse shelters would close or reduce services in the event of a shutdown.

The Pi Press says workforce centers would close.

A skeleton crew will staff the MPCA if a shutdown occurs.

No lottery tickets will be sold if a shutdown occurs.

It would also end MnPASS for carpool lanes.

Vikings Stadium

The Star Tribune reports that a Vikings say a stadium deal would be ready when a special session is called.


Top Democrats reject a proposed cut to Medicare.

Democrats continue to push for the DREAM Act despite GOP opposition.

Race for Congress

DFL Rep. Betty McCollum says House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi will attend two fundraisers in MN next month.

Race for President

President Obama is going beyond e-mail and texting in his quest for votes.

Obama campaigned in Iowa on the same day Sarah Palin was there.

Tim Pawlenty criticizes Obama and his GOP challengers on foreign policy.

The Washington Post characterizes his speech as “aggressive.”

The Daily Beast says Pawlenty is making a huge gamble on Iowa.

Michele Bachmann draws a big crowd in South Carolina.

NBC says Bachmann’s husband got $137,000 in Medicaid funds.

The PoliGraph says GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann’s debt claim is not as simple as it sounds.

DFL Rep. Betty McCollum goes after Bachmann at a WomenWinning Fundraiser.

Tom Petty sent Bachmann a cease and desist over the use of “American girl.”

Bachmann also said she could support abolishing the minimum wage.

The Hill takes a look at the candidate’s other halves.

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