Judge: Courts need to continue even if shutdown happens

A judge has ruled that Minnesota’s Judiciary should continue running even if state government shuts down on July first.

Retired Judge Bruce Christopherson has ruled that the state’s courts should continue operating even if Gov. Dayton and the Legislature fail to agree on a budget. In his order, Christopherson said the state should continue to fund the courts at least through July 30th.

The decision comes one day after the Attorney General, the governor’s office and public defenders argued in court that the judiciary should continue to receive funding. In his order, Christopherson said that due process and other constitutional protections require the courts to continue running.

A ruling is still pending from another judge on whether other essential government functions should continue if no budget deal is reached by Friday. Update: A clerk for Ramsey County Judge Kathleen Gearin says order will NOT come down today. She said they’re working for Weds. or Thurs release.

You can read the order here.

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