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Gov. Dayton vetoed nine budget bills assuring a special session will be called to pass a two-year budget. Dayton also said there’s a “strong likelihood” that a government shutdown will occur.

Read the veto letters here.

GOP lawmakers toured the state to discuss the budget impasse.

The state starts preparing for a shutdown today.

MPR’s News Cut blog gives a glimpse of what a government shutdown would look like.

Politics in Minnesota takes a look at some of the major legislative initiatives that stalled out this year.

Dayton signed the Surly bill.

Minnesota students’ math and reading scores show little improvement.

Anoka-Hennepin faces a lawsuit over harassment of gays.

Tornado Damage

Minneapolis is still gathering info on needs after the tornado.


Democrats join Republicans in criticizing President Obama’s policy on Israel.

Israel’s President Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to Congress and set a high bar for the resumption of peace talks.

Vice-President Joe Biden says increased revenue has to be a part of the deficit reduction plan.

A Democrat won a congressional seat in a conservative New York district.

The U.S. House has scheduled a vote on lifting the debt ceiling. Democrats say it’s a political stunt.

Decorum broke down in a hearing on the Consumer Finance Agency.

The U.S. green lights the prosecution of John Edwards.

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar questions AT&T over overbilling.

DFL Rep. Keith Ellison says he’s planning a mini-filibuster over Medicare.

Race for President

President Obama’s campaign is cultivating Clinton donors.

Sarah Palin appears to be ramping up a run for the White House. A feature length film that focuses on her years as Alaska’s governor will be released in Iowa next month.

Tim Pawlenty speaks to the Cato Institute today. AP reminds voters that Pawlenty relied on one-time money, tax hikes and shifts to balance the state’s budget.

The Club for Growth issued a white paper on Pawlenty that says ‘We struggle to identify the real Tim Pawlenty.” The group praised Pawlenty for holding the line on spending but warned he could be “susceptible to adopting “pragmatic” policies that grow government.”

Pawlenty was in Florida on Tuesday to discuss “entitlement reform” but did not take a direct stand on Paul Ryan’s proposal to change Medicare.

Jeb Bush, Florida’s former governor, praised Pawlenty for “truth telling.”

The Washington Post says Florida’s primary is wide open for Pawlenty, Mitt Romney and Jon Hutsman.

Politico says Pawlenty is still being booked for paid speeches.

Pawlenty also repeated his call to end U.S. ethanol subsidies. The head of a renewable fuels group says Pawlenty should also give a speech in Houston, TX to discuss the phase out of oil subsidies.

Democrats are pointing out that Pawlenty and Romney opposed the auto bailouts.

Roll Call takes a look at who GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann is surrounding herself with.

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