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The show goes on.

That’s a hot new Lupe Fiasco song that all the kids like. It’s also the atmosphere at the Minnesota Legislature as lawmakers and the governor trade jabs over who is authorized to negotiate with whom.

Here’s the big picture: A special session is all but likely. Republicans started processing the budget conference committee reports last night even though Dayton says he’ll veto them.

Dayton wants $1.8 billion in new tax revenues. He moved off his budget plan twice since February.

Republicans aren’t moving from their $34 billion budget announced in March but say Dayton isn’t willing to negotiate.

Tidbit: The House passed the Tax Conference Committee report, the Higher Education Committee report and the K12 Committee report. The Senate passed the Judiciary and Public Safety Conference Committee report and the Jobs and Economic Growth Committee report.

House Republicans forced a vote on Dayton’s compromise to see whether Democrats would support it. All but one (DFL Rep. Gene Pelowski) did.

Tidbit: Get ready to hear lots of suggestions that it’s easier for Democrats to pick up six votes in the House (to pass a budget bill) than it is for the GOP to pick up 18 (veto-proof majority).

Dayton was on MPR’s Midday yesterday. He criticized the GOP for being “totally unreasonable.” Listen to the show here.

The Star Tribune says the freshman will face some scrutiny as the stalled budget negotiations continue.

Minnesota fishing license sales are down 30 percent from 2010.


The Republican redistricting plan is headed to Gov. Dayton for a near certain veto.

Vikings Stadium

There has been no movement to break Capitol gridlock over Vikings stadium.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says the NFL will contribute to a new Vikings stadium.

The Pi Press says GOP Sen. Julie Rosen, one of the chief authors of the Vikings bill, may introduce legislation to put the stadium in Minneapolis instead of Arden Hills.


The nation hit the debt limit on Monday. Key questions for President Obama and lawmakers on this issue: Do you really think Wall St. will stomach a long debate on whether the nation can default on its obligations? Are you willing to bet the nation’s 401ks on it?

Sen. Tom Coburn, R-OK, pulled out of the Gang of Six. The group was looking at ways to fix the deficit.

The federal government clears the path for an extension at the Prairie Island Nuclear facility.

The Washington Post takes a look at 43 education programs Republican want to eliminate. GOP Rep. John Kline is mentioned.

Race for President

Tim Pawlenty is scheduled to hold a big fundraiser in Minneapolis tonight.

A protester dumped glitter on Newt Gingrich during a book signing in Minneapolis. The event was hosted by the Minnesota Family Council. It was the same protester who dumped pennies on Republican Tom Emmer during the 2010 campaign for governor.

Gingrich and GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann both spoke at the annual Minnesota Family Council Dinner. MPR News was told that it was closed press but it looks like AP heard some of Gingrich’s comments.

Bachmann may move up her timeline for announcing.

Gingrich apologized to Rep. Paul Ryan, R-WI, for saying his proposed cuts to Medicare were “radical.”


RIP Harmon Killebrew.

  • danno

    Having been in the position many times of having a debtor ask me what I would take, I gave the same answer Mark Dayton should be giving–“I don’t bid against myself; if you want to make an offer make it, otherwise 100% to me will do.” The governor should announce that for special session, all previous compromise offers are expired and negotiations will begin at his original position. The lesson is “don’t be reasonable to those who interpret it as a sign of weakness.” To paraphrase–” . . . The truth (and reason) was not in them.”