Dayton vetoes GOP budget bills

Gov. Mark Dayton today vetoed the nine budget bills that Republicans passed in the closing days of session.

Dayton returned the bills along with veto messages outlining his concerns. The action come just hours after the House and Senate adjourned the regular session without a global budget agreement with Dayton.

In a news release, Dayton said his veto letters stressed the need for compromise.

“Each of us started our budget proposals by making a choice,” Dayton wrote. “I chose a balanced approach to our budget; one that included both significant cuts, but asked the top two percent of Minnesotans to pay more to ensure our quality of life and the services millions of Minnesotans depend on. My approach chooses not to balance the budget on the backs of the other ninety-eight percent of Minnesotans.”

Dayton is scheduled to hold a media availability this afternoon to discuss the vetoes.

Budget Bill Veto Letters

  • Jerry Jensen

    Stupid standoff:

    A 6% increase in spending is more than enough. That should be a figure to work around.

    Raising taxes on those more able to pay isn’t all that bad an idea but how about reducing the lower income brackets then to produce a net zero income change?

    If nothing else, how about using any income from tax increases to speed up those postponed payments back to reasonable schedules?

    Extra session? These public servants need an incentive. How about no payment for any additional expenses after the normal session has ended? No nothing?

  • JM

    I will say one thing for Mark Dayton, he showed the courage and strength to stand up to the GOP-heavy MN legislature. After the Medicare debacle, I would not be surprised to see a swing back the other way. I hope true compromise can be reached now.