Dayton: GOP isn’t moving on budget

Governor Dayton and GOP legislative leaders are still no closer to reaching a budget deal. The two sides held two private meetings on Saturday. But they still disagree on the best way to balance the state’s budget.

Republicans have passed a $34 billion budget plan that erases a $5 billion projected budget deficit through spending cuts. Dayton says he will veto that plan. He wants a mix of cuts and higher income taxes on Minnesota’s top earners to solve the problem.

Dayton says Republicans haven’t moved off of their opposition to new revenue.

“I’m still waiting for them to suggest something on the revenue side,” Dayton said. “They keep saying they’re committed to the $34 billion budget and are not going to budge from that so we remain $1.8 billion apart.”

The governor and lawmakers have until Monday night to finish their work. A special session will be needed if they can’t reach a budget deal by then.

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