Clark says she’s challenging Cravaack

Democrat Tarryl Clark told the Duluth News Tribune that she’s moving to Duluth and will run for Congress in Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District. Clark told the paper that she and her husband will buy a condo in Duluth and will spend a “good chunk” of her time there. Clark represented St. Cloud in the Minnesota Legislature.

The seat is currently held by GOP Rep. Chip Cravaack, a freshman Republican who is targeted by Democrats as a seat that they can win in 2012. The seat was held by Democrats for decades until Cravaack defeated DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar in 2010.

Clark, who lost a run for Congress against GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann in 2010, is a solid fundraiser. She raised $5 million in that race.

The key question is whether Minnesota’s 8th District lines stay the same. The 2010 Census requires Gov. Dayton and the Legislature to redraw the lines to ensure equal representation.

House Republicans will release their version of the Congressional maps on Monday. The courts will take over and draw the maps if the GOP controlled Legislature and Gov. Dayton can’t agree to a set of lines by February 21st of next year.

  • Jeff Lankhammer

    I like Clark but she politically is making a large mistake in moving into a district to run against someone. She will have a tough time against Anderson or Fanning

  • Bill

    There is a name for those who move into a different district just so they can run for political office. That name is “carpet bagger”.

  • Jesse

    She lost in the 6th and she will lose in the 8th. Carpet bagger.

  • Chris

    This is bad judgment on Clark’s part. The same thing goes for Winkler if he moves his family up north too.

    Next year’s election in the 8th is going to come down to a regional base contest, with Cravaack trying to run up his margins in the southern counties, and the DFL trying to turn out the vote in the northern Range counties and Duluth, who still have the feeling that Cravaack isn’t quite “one of them.” If Clark or Winkler ends up as the nominee, that’ll completely destroy that strategy.

    One level of incompetence is when you have a problem and a choice of some imperfect solutions, and you pass up one of the lesser evils. Another level is when you have a problem with a clear solution, but pass it up. Nominating Clark or Winkler would be taking it to a whole new level, where you start out with an advantage, and then go out of your way to throw it away and create a problem for yourself in its place.

    Will DFL activists live down to their reputation for collective dysfunction and incompetence, or will they surprise everyone and not blow their feet off with an Uzi? We’ll see next year.

  • jake

    This is politically very foolish. The term Carpetbagger in the Northland is going to be tough to shake.

    The lack of shame in saying to a congressional district, I don’t think any of you are qualified to represent your communities also scares me.

    Let’s face it, this isn’t about the people, this is about Tarryl Clark feeding her ego which has become a little out of control since the Bachmann run. Political ambition to this level scares the heck out of me.

  • Zeke

    There is nothing more unseemly than a politician with personal ambition.