Clark makes another run for Congress

Tarryl Clark says she’s planning a 2012 run against Republican freshman 8th District Congressman Chip Cravaack.

Clark, a former DFL state senator from St. Cloud, lost a bid to unseat Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann in 2010.

That race was for the sixth district. Clark says she and her husband, Doug, bought a home in Duluth a few months ago. Asked if that makes her vulnerable to charges of moving for personal political gain Clark had this response:

“I have deep roots and connections and you know no one of us can be from every community,” Clark said. “I’m certainly proud of central Minnesota and I love northeastern Minnesota and believe that honestly, this is not about me, it’s about all of us coming together to create change.”

When asked about the possibility that the congressional lines could be redrawn, Clark says it’s too important to wait for the final map to be drawn.

Clark says she’ll announce her bid in an email to supporters tomorrow. Cravaack’s spokesman didn’t immediately return calls for comment.

Cravaack’s spokesman said Cravaack “looks forward to engaging whoever the DFL endorses on the issues that matter to the people of the 8th District.”

You can listen to Clark’s full interview with MPR’s Rupa Shenoy here:

Update: Clark released this web video to discuss her run.

  • Bill

    Buying a condo in Duluth but still keeping her other residence in St. Cloud. This is an obvious case of carpet bagging.

  • GaryF

    Just what does TC do for a living now that she doesn’t hold political office?

    What does her husband do for a living that they can just relocate to Duluth?