Bachmann seeks “emergency donations”

Sixth District Minnesota Congresswoman and possible 2012 GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann is appealing to supporters with an email message claiming “left-wing radicals, mainstream media, and yes — even some of my so-called friends on the right — have flipped the switch on their attack machine in an effort to silence my voice and derail our conservative movement.”

Bachmann may be referencing a recent post on the conservative blog, “The Daily Caller,” which calls out Bachmann for supporting earmarks and profiting from farm subsidies.

In her fundraising email, Bachmann asks for a special contribution, “if you believe in the freedoms guaranteed in our Constitution.” And she promises she will not be deterred from her goal of bringing “common sense and fiscal sanity to our federal government.”

Bachmann said this week she might announce a decision about a White House bid within the next couple of weeks. Next week Bachmann travels to Iowa. She’ll be in New Hampshire for Memorial Day.

  • danno

    Last time I looked, Pawlentyexposed.blogspot still comes up. Sorry about the credit, I am not sure of its authorship. If you look at it and still vote for Pawlenty, you are one strong person.