A final push on same-sex marriage

OutFront Minnesota, one of the state’s principal gay rights advocacy groups, is calling for its biggest anti same-sex marriage amendment rally ever today, to coincide with Take Action’s “People’s Rally for a Fair Minnesota.”

That’s due to start at 10:30.

OutFront is planning to piggyback, according to an email blast this morning. It says “Join us and our coalition allies TakeAction Minnesota at the Capitol.”

More interesting, though, is the fine print at the bottom of the OutFront mail. They’re calling on folks from greater Minnesota and the suburbs to contact legislators. But not just any legislators.

Here’s OutFront’s list:

Albert Lea – Rep. Rich Murray (27A)

Apple Valley – Rep. Tara Mack (37A)

Blaine – Rep. Tim Sanders (51A)

Champlin – Rep. Denise Dittrich (47A)

Eden Prarie – Rep. Jenifer Loon (42B)

Faribault – Rep. Patti Fritz (26B)

Hastings – Rep. Denny McNamara (57B)

Mankato – Rep. Rod Hamilton (22B)

Mound – Rep. Steve Smith (33A)

Saint Cloud – Rep. King Banaian (15B)

Woodbury – Rep. Andrea Kieffer (56B)

The Iron Range – Rep. David Dill (06A)

Are they on the fence? Are these the waverers that Rep. Karen Clark spoke about this week? Hard to say.

We’ve already talked to some of the folks on this list. Both McNamara and Sanders have previously questioned the timing and priority of the amendment vote in the face of a budget crisis — although both Sanders and McNamara did say they would vote for the amendment if it comes up.

“I have my concerns,” Kieffer said in a brief exchange on the House floor on Friday.

Most of the House members on the list are Republicans, but it also includes three DFLers: Dill, Dittrich and Fritz. That may indicate that a potential vote in the House may have some limited minority support, like it did in the Senate, when DFLer Leroy Stumpf joined the GOP majority and voted to put the measure on the ballot.

The House Rules Committee is scheduled to meet at noon, which may offer some clarity as to whether or not there will be a vote soon. But we know now which floor speeches OutFront will be watching.

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