Walz docks pay for national debt repayment

Did you know know that members of Congress can voluntarily pay off a portion of the national debt with their salaries?

It turns out that DFL Rep. Tim Walz is one of just two members of Congress who paid into the program in the last quarter of 2010.The Washington Post reports that Walz returned $2,196 to the Treasury, while Rep. Spencer Bachus, R-AL gave up $414.39.

The Post says Walz’s money equals the salary increases he’s received since joining Congress in 2007.

But even though the program is sold as a way to repay the national debt, the story goes on to explain that the returned money simply goes into a general fund for government operations.

The Post quotes Walz, who was disappointed to hear the news:

“It would have made me feel good to see them buy back something with it,” Walz said. “You know, a piece of a bond, or something.”

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